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How did you get involved in parkrun? Vhi asks parkrunners!


As we head into the summertime, it has us thinking about the great memories that we have all built over the years through parkrun. We can’t wait for the day to come where you’ll be able to return to your local parkrun again. Hopefully, with brighter days ahead, it won’t be too long before that happens. We asked various parkrunners from around Ireland how they got involved in their local parkrun. Here are some of the interesting responses we got back!


I attended Malahide parkrun some years back and had a great experience. From then, I wished we had one in Ballymun and strangely enough the opportunity presented itself through a conversation myself and work colleague Jimmy Bell had about parkrun with Robert Murphy, who is also heavily involved in positive initiatives in the Ballymun Community and wanted the same for the community. We applied to the council and were successful, so I guess I’m with Poppintree parkrun since the very start!.  – Kenneth Coakley,Poppintree park


My boyfriend has always had a passion for running and suggested it might be something we could do together – helping us both increase our fitness in the process. It essentially started with me being dragged along to parkrun, but now I really do enjoy going. Not only are they great fun, but you also feel fantastic when you complete the course! – Rachel Phelan, Kilkenny parkrun


I got involved in parkrun in 2013 after my friend and I took up walking to try and obtain some fitness in our lives. My partner was a frequent visitor to parkrun and I didn’t know what all the fuss was about until I went along! Early 2014 my partner and his friend decided to set up a local parkrun in the grounds of the magnificent Ardgillan Demesne and Castle in Balbriggan, Co Dublin and I have been hooked since. Saturdays are not the same without a parkrun! – Lisa Cumiskey, Ardgillan parkrun, Balbriggan


I always liked sport but up until my mid-twenties, I had always participated in team sports, leaving hobbies like running to short bursts around a pitch. As the years went by the body took a few too many injuries and I decided to move to a non-contact sport. Hence the running! – Conor Brooke – Tyrrell, Marlay parkrun


I heard about parkrun events in Marley Park and Malahide and I hoped parkrun would come to Navan. On the launch of parkrun in Navan (October 2015) I went along to the first event. I was then hooked, going back on a weekly basis and starting to volunteer. I became a member of the core team, have acted as Run Director and made greats friends too. parkrun is a regular start to the weekend where I meet my friends and run colleagues, have chats & laugh, complete my run or volunteer and feel great afterwards. parkrun is great how it combines health, fitness and the social benefits. I can’t wait for it to come back. – Petula Ní Chléirigh, Navan parkrun


I lived in Kildare for a number of years and moved back home to Templemore in 2014.  Having attended parkruns in Marlay Park, Naas and Clarisford I was keen to setup a parkrun in Tipperary.  In January 2014 with the help of Tipp Sports Partnership and County Council we managed this and have been going strong ever since. – Kenny Franks, Templemore parkrun


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