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Ask David: David’s tips for sourcing the best running attire

Vhi roadshow at Griffeen parkrun

Each month we’re putting your questions to Olympian and Vhi ambassador David Gillick! At parkrun you can wear whatever you feel comfortable in, but many of you have been wondering what’s best to wear when heading out for a walk, jog or run!


Look after your feet

 To start with, don’t become too focused on colours and patterns, let’s get the basics right.


The first piece of advice I give is to look after your feet. It’s not always about spending big money on the latest and greatest, it’s whether you need a supportive, neutral, or cushioned shoe. Don’t know? Look at your current pair of runners, where are the signs of wear on the sole? On the inside of the sole may suggest you overpronate meaning the foot rolls inward as you move, or maybe it’s on the outside of the sole, possibly supinating, moving outwards as you move. The best thing is to get a gait analysis carried out. Most retail stores offer this service free of charge, and this will then help guide you to what running shoe best suits your requirements. It’s a must, as the wrong runners may cause not only foot issues but can contribute to other muscles and joint injuries.


How long runners last for is generally down to who is wearing them. Factors such as frequency and topography will have huge implications on the durability of a pair of runners. If, for example, you cover 20 miles per week, then it may mean changing them every four to six months or 300 – 500 miles. The reason for this is that the foam and supports that make up the shoe, compress over time and under load, meaning you don’t get optimal support nor the necessary responsiveness from the shoe.  The main tip is to watch out for wear and tear – let that be your guide.


Invest in the right pair of socks

Get a few good pairs of long socks. I’d recommend socks that come up over the ankle and wont roll down. A good pair of socks will help stop blisters and friction issues in the shoe and around the ankle. Don’t forget to regularly clip your toe nails too!


Dress for the weather

The weather can dictate everything, including your mood, so make sure you dress for the conditions. A few lightweight breathable long sleeve and short sleeves tops are a must, particular as the weather gets cold. Don’t go too tight, should be free around the arm pit to allow movement. A light, breathable rain jacket is very handy and now on the market are lightweight running gilets which are great on cool autumnal mornings and evenings. Remember that you will warm up quickly as you move, so no need to put a series of layers on.


The right support

From sports bras, to shorts, to crop tops and beyond, make sure you invest in clothing that provides the correct support for you. We are all different and move in our own unique way. Keep things tight where they need to be and loose and airy elsewhere.



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