News - 27th August 2021

COVID-19 (Coronavirus) update – 5k restart in Ireland


With current government guidelines in Ireland allowing for gatherings of up to 500 people in open spaces such as parks, we are delighted to be able to announce that some 5k events in Ireland will restart from Saturday 11 September.


Whilst we won’t be in a position to return all events across the country on the same day, based on the evidence and insight so far from reopening more than 1,700 events around the world, we are comfortable that events will not be overwhelmed by significantly-increased attendances.


We currently have 48 5k events able to restart on 11 September. We are in the process of informing all event teams of their current position, and we hope and expect we will be able to restart more events in the weeks that follow.


All junior parkrun events in Ireland are already able to return as they can operate within guidelines set out by the Irish Government. A number have already reopened, and we continue to work with landowners, event teams, and ambassadors to return the rest of them as soon as possible.


With 5k events returning from Saturday 11 September, children aged 11-14 will be able to record a walk, jog or run at all junior parkrun events in Ireland from Sunday 12 September.


Importantly, many of our teams would benefit from building their volunteer community. Please check out the future roster on your local event’s website, look out for any social media requests for help, sign-up to volunteer emails and grasp the opportunity to experience the joy of volunteering if you can.


We can’t wait to welcome you back to parkrun.




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