News - 14th September 2022

parkwalk campaign: your questions answered

A woman is walking in a park with her hands in the air and smiling.

What is the parkwalk campaign in a nutshell?


This is a global campaign to celebrate and promote walking at parkrun, to coincide with parkrun’s 18th anniversary (the first event took place in Bushy Park, London in October 2004).


It’s called parkrun, not parkwalk! Why are you focusing on walkers? 


The name ‘parkrun’ might imply that events are not for people who walk. Yet, this couldn’t be further from the truth!


The founder of parkrun, Paul Sinton-Hewitt, had a vision that parkrun would be open to everyone, no matter who they are or where they came from.


We know that walking is one of the best entry points into parkrun, especially for those who may be taking their first steps towards healthier lifestyles. Walking can help people manage or prevent health conditions, enhance mood, boost fitness and enable people to connect with others.


Our insight shows that around 9% of all parkrun participants have at least one long term health condition, but this rises to 45% for walkers.


By encouraging and welcoming walkers we can expand the incredible impact that parkrun has on a wider range of people.


A woman and two young girls have their arms around each other in a park. They are smiling at the camera and there is clear blue sky in the background.


How long will the campaign last?


You can always walk at parkrun, but this specific campaign will take place for the whole month of October, which includes five wonderful weekends.


What will happen at my local parkrun event?


It will be the same parkrun experience you know and love, just with more walkers.


Events will still be at the same time, in the same place, covering the same distance. We just want to encourage more and more people to walk if they want to.


Two ladies are wearing their black 100 milestone tshirts and smiling at the camera.


Do you still welcome runners?  


Yes, of course. You can still participate in whatever way you choose!


Can I walk at junior parkrun?


Absolutely! Children and any accompanying adult/s can walk all or some of the event.There is never any pressure to run at parkrun or junior parkrun.


Can I bring my walking poles?


If you’d like to walk with walking poles that’s totally fine, but definitely not compulsory!


Is it for everybody? 


Yes! We’d love everyone to get involved! Perhaps you will come along to parkrun for the very first time and walk the course, bring someone with you who has never been before, or choose to participate at a more leisurely pace if you usually jog or run at parkrun. You might also like to volunteer, maybe as one of the tail walkers?


Two men are walking away from the camera in a park. One is wearing an apricot tee and the taller man is wearing a red 50 milestone tshirt.


How can I support the campaign and get involved?


Come and walk at parkrun and encourage your friends, family and colleagues to come and walk too. If you want to volunteer at an event, please see our advice page here.


Please do send us your stories, pictures and videos via this link so that we can share them during and after the campaign.


An image of over 100 parkrunners walking away from the camera in a park.


How do I register for parkrun?


Registering for parkrun is easy. Please see the information here.


How do I find my nearest event?


Click here to find your nearest event.


What if I have more questions?


Please email support@parkrun.com and we will answer any other questions you might have!


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