News - 5th October 2022

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An image of Declan wearing activewear in a park, smiling at the camera.

In this week’s people of parkrun entry, we hear from Declan Kenny, a bank employee from Longford parkrun. He gives us his advice for anyone who hasn’t yet been to parkrun and tells us who his dream parkrun buddy is!


How did you get involved in parkrun?


I heard about it from a friend who was already involved in it.


What do you love about parkrun?


It is a great way to make a positive start to my Saturdays every week!


Who do you participate with?


I enjoy taking part with everyone there on the day, and particularly love chatting to the locals before and after parkrun.


Any parkrun milestones/achievements you would like to share?


Surprisingly, I achieved a personal best time the day after seeing Bruce Springsteen live in Croke Park – it must have been the adrenaline from the night before!


How has parkrun impacted positively on you?


It is a great way of motivating myself to do better. I have come back after injury and have improved my parkrun time massively in just one month. I love to know how I am getting on compared to others in the 50-54 age group.


What have you missed most about parkrun?


The company of others.


Who is your dream parkrun buddy?


Bruce Springsteen!


What was your best parkrun experience?


Coming back after lockdown and injury and being able to complete the distance – that’s when it felt like things getting back to normal for everyone.


What was the funniest parkrun moment?


Having to double back after I went the wrong way one day…


What advice would you give to someone who’s never been to parkrun?

Just go! I guarantee you won’t regret it.

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