News - 15th May 2023
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Vhi staff volunteer day at Limerick parkrun


This past weekend, Vhi staff were on hand volunteering at Limerick parkrun and were joined by Vhi ambassador and former Olympian David Gillick!


Spirits were high, with a total of 177 parkrunners in attendance. David Gillick got everyone moving with some warm-up exercises ahead of the start to ensure that everyone was ready to go.


Limerick parkrunners were treated to healthy snacks and drinks which kept them fuelled for the morning, and a photographer was there to capture all the action. Vhi volunteers were on hand for extra motivation along the route!

With the aim of improving the nation’s health and helping people to live longer, stronger and healthier lives, Vhi staff were delighted to help lend a hand and were so pleased with the warm welcome they received from the Limerick parkrun team.

Keep an eye out for the Vhi volunteers and Vhi ambassador David Gillick at the following parkrun events:

  • Saturday 20 May 2023 – Ballincollig parkrun
  • Saturday 17 June 2023 – River Valley parkrun


Vhi look forward to seeing you there!

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