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Just Enjoy It

Cathy Curley came to running only a few years ago in her late sixties. She ran and walked a race with her daughter, and decided she would like to run more regularly. She turned up at Griffeen parkrun over a few Saturdays and ran and walked the course. She took a break for a few…

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Helping me find myself

In August 2012 there was a moment that changed our family’s life forever: the suicide of a teenage family member. We never thought that something like this would ever come to our door and the shock was something we had never experienced before.   My nephew was 17 years old and had a love of…

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Don’t measure yourself with someone else’s ruler

Right from when I was young, I was always the chubby kid, and I was always on the receiving end of torment from other kids through my school years up until college. It didn’t help being in some schools that were either very close-knit where I was an outsider kid, or all-boys schools where sport…

2017 - Fanchea parkrun photo 1
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Friends for life

After a reasonably sporting childhood, I moved to Dublin to work and my exercise became mainly walking. An avid TV athletics fan I would regularly watch the London Marathon and think I should take up running. I would head out occasionally but had no discipline and it would slip again.   Then in 2013 I…