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The parkrun Resolution Journey

At the start of 2021 we launched The parkrun Resolution. An eight week New Year campaign to inspire, motivate and share some positivity.   As the campaign draws to a close, we look back at the past eight weeks.   There have been expert blogs, from experts regarding training tips, diet and the health benefits…

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Never alone

It’s the penultimate week of our New Year campaign, The parkrun Resolution.   Your #parkrunresolution might be a personal journey, but you are never alone.   At the dawn of 2021 we invited you to set your own parkrun Resolution, and we made a commitment to support you every single step of the way. Every…

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Be kind to yourself

With Valentine’s Day nearly upon us, this week for the #parkrunresolution we’re asking you to be kind to yourself and others.   This is a great opportunity to give ourselves some self-care.   It’s so easy to say, but often so hard to do.   We can feel bombarded with messages which tell us what…

Fanchea Mid-Dublin Marathon training which took in Castletown parkrun!
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It’s for you

Fanchea Gibson started walking at parkrun in 2013, she then went on to join a running club and take part in several marathons.   As secretary to Dublin City Lord Mayor, she has talked many Lord Mayors into parkrun, and works on the Lord Mayor 5 Alive Challenge each year which encourages inactive people to take…

Professor Marie Murphy
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You’ve got a friend

It’s good to know you’ve got a friend. Marie H Murphy, Professor of Exercise and Health and Dean of Postgraduate Research at Ulster University, talks us through the role of social support in developing new habits.   Physical activity and exercise have proven physical health benefits, reducing the risk of over 20 non-communicable diseases including heart disease, stroke, high…

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We are with you

Staying connected can be one of the most important motivators on any journey, it’s vital for our mental and physical health.   We’re into week 5 of the #parkrunresolution and we encourage you to keep connecting.   We know that the power of parkrun lies not just in helping people to become more physically active,…

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Changing and saving lives

Angela Fukutome is Event Director at Sanukikodomonokuni parkrun in Japan. She was never a ‘runner’, describing herself as someone who always had a ‘tummy ache’ on cross country day.   On a visit home to the UK she plucked up the courage to go to Wilmslow parkrun, and that day changed everything. Here’s her story.  …

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Free time for me time

Caroline Bradley has a message for anyone who is worried that parkrun is not for them – Come along! Here is Caroline’s story of walking, friendship, and community.   My parkrun experience started in July 2017. I was, at that time, suddenly childless and with more free time for me time.   Unfortunately, it was also…

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Want to walk or run easier?

Author and running coach Mary Jennings shares her seven strategies that could help walking or running feel easier, more enjoyable and lighter on your body.   As we move into February, we also reach an important milestone. The halfway point in your parkrun Resolution journey. This is a great time to think back to the start…

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Halfway heroes

At the start of this year we invited you all to kickstart 2021 and join us for a special eight week campaign, The parkrun Resolution.    parkrun’s Global Head of Health and Wellbeing Chrissie Wellington shares some thoughts at the halfway point.   parkrunners around the world have joined us on this eight week journey,…

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