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parkrun made it all easy

Rahema Mamodo writes about the sense of community she has felt at her local parkrun ever since she started. It led her to make friends through regular physical activity and gave her the confidence to enter her first race!   My first parkrun experience at my local event in Solihull was great, I had never…

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Celebrating 500 in the 500 walk, jog, run milestone club

Each week, all around the world, we celebrate those who reach a milestone club. But last weekend, parkrun hit a major landmark. We’re proud to now have over 500 members in the 500 walk, jog, run milestone club!   Out of eight million global registered parkrunners, more than 600,000 people are part of a walk, jog, run…

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parkrunning with cystic fibrosis

When Harry first started parkrun at age 10, mum Ruth quickly noticed that regular exercise was important to his wellbeing, as well as his cystic fibrosis.   Ruth writes how Harry’s weekly parkrun sets him challenges and has pushed him to leap from strength to strength.   Harry started parkrun when he was around 10…

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Five reasons we love the wristband

From sending your parkrun stats directly to you, to safely carrying all your emergency contact details, the parkrun wristband has been coming in handy since it was first introduced.   Here, we look at the top five reasons why we love our unique wristbands:   Make your parkruns colourful   Want to add some colour…

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Challenging stereotypes with parkrun

Rory Fairfoot has been beating assumptions of his learning disability since he first started going to parkrun with his dad in 2012.   After hitting his 250th milestone, mum Jenny writes how parkrun has helped build his confidence and independence over the last decade.   My son Rory and I have been going to parkrun…

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Top five tips for parkrunning during Ramadan with Emon Choudhury

Ramadan is the most sacred and holy month for Muslims, with many observing this religious occasion by fasting, prayer and celebration. Carrying on with your physical activities during a fast is possible, but it can be challenging at times.   After winning his Pride of Britain award and completing the Manchester Marathon during Ramadan last…

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A place where I can belong

On the first day our parkwalker role was introduced, Shuhei Sumitani joined for his first parkrun.   Since that parkrun in October, Shuhei has found confidence in the parkwalker role. Event Director Mariko writes how Shuhei has become a part of the wonderful parkrun community.   When I met Shuhei, I was at the parkrun…

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Research highlights the benefits of parkrun – especially for those with mental health conditions who volunteer

A recent research paper published in the academic journal Psychology, Health and Medicine has highlighted the wide-ranging benefits of parkrun for those living with a mental health condition. The impacts were found to be greatest for those who walk or run, as well as volunteer.   A team of researchers undertook a detailed analysis of…

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Five mental tricks for your next parkrun

Five kilometres. 5,000 metres. 500,000 centimetres. 5,000,000 millimetres. 3.1 miles. However you think of it, parkrun is the same distance every week.   However, some weeks it can feel a lot, lot longer!   Here are five mental tricks you can use to make your weekly parkrun feel like a walk, jog or run in the…

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You’re always welcome at parkrun

Going to parkrun was non-negotiable for Tess, but over time she fell out of love and “felt like a burden”.   After hearing about the parkwalk initiative she returned to parkrun, feeling welcome and accepted within the community.   I got involved relatively early on with parkrun. I’m not going to lie, I’m a bit…