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Volunteering at parkrun helped build my confidence

Simon is a full-time NHS GP speaking with hundreds of people throughout the week, but he has a fear of talking in public and can stammer when he gets nervous. Volunteering at parkrun helped him get used to talking to groups of people, and even gave him the opportunity and confidence to take part in…

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parkrun was a form of therapy

Joanna Dudziak lives in London and is the run director at two locations – Gunnersbury parkrun and Acton junior parkrun. When she moved to the city, taking part in parkrun provided Joanna with an opportunity to get to know her community and enjoy different parkrun locations with her visually impaired friend.   Joanna writes about…

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From Cape Town to Poznań

When Michał George started parkrunning at his local event in South Africa, he discovered five reasons that kept him returning every Saturday morning.   We speak to Michał about why he loves parkrun and his experience of going to an event in his home country, Poland.   I heard about parkrun through my younger brother…

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Happy birthday parkrun Sweden & Norway

The histories of Sweden and Norway are closely intertwined, and that’s also true for their parkrun story, as both countries approach their anniversary at the end of August.   parkrun Sweden began in August 2016 with the first event, Haga parkrun, located in the beautiful royal park of Hagaparken in Stockholm. One year later, it…

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Celebrating seven years of stories

This week marks our seventh year of parkrun Canada, and while that story is worth sharing, it is the backdrop for an abundance of stories in the parkrun world. From incredible personal achievements to heartwarming community connections, Canadian parkruns have witnessed many tales that deserve to be celebrated.   Stories can be found everywhere. They…

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parkrun Austria celebrates its second birthday!

While parkrun is steadily growing across the globe, Saturday 12 August 2023 will mark the second anniversary of parkrun Austria. To celebrate this occasion, we take a look back at how much parkrun Austria has achieved in just two years.   Austria is a relatively small, mountainous and extremely picturesque country located in Central Europe…

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parkrun is part of the recovery

After becoming a regular parkrunner, Peter Connor was excited to reach his 100th milestone before the end of this year. However, he suffered a heart attack in April which took him and his family by surprise.   We speak to his son, Stephen, about Peter’s return to parkrun and how parkwalking has helped his dad’s…


Creating stronger bonds in isolated areas

From hectic cities to remote corners around the world. No matter where you are, the ability for parkrun to connect people and create communities is part of the magic of our events. For those living in tucked away hidden gems, the remote existence can sometimes lead to a sense of disconnectedness among residents and a…

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Memorable family moments

Katie Porkess found herself setting up a new parkrun after being encouraged by her granddaughter to go to her first event. Now, Katie’s entire family is enjoying time at parkrun and even breaking records!   I was introduced to parkrun in 2019 by my eldest daughter, Sheuli and her family, with particular encouragement from my…

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Meryll’s parkrun half century!

Meryll Cripps picked up running at age 50 and gradually built up distances that she could cover, but it was her discovery of parkrun that maintained her love of exercising.   We speak to Meryll’s daughter, Rachel, about how parkrun made a significant difference in her Mum’s physical activity.   My mum, Meryll Cripps, started…