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Five Sisters


It was a cold and blustering 8 degrees at Hillcrest, South Australia when the alarm rang at 6am. Having just come from the sunny tropical 32 degrees of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia a couple of days back, it was tempting to dive back under the covers. But no, the day was about to see history in the making!


Five Tan sisters (three from Kuala Lumpur, one from Launceston and one from Adelaide) were about to embark on the first-ever Five Sisters Run/Walk at Lochiel parkrun, with two brothers-in-law in tow.


Of the five sisters, one was embarking on her first parkrun while for another, it marked her 138th. The other three had already participated in several parkruns in Kuala Lumpur, so were looking forward to a different experience at Lochiel.


And Lochiel parkrun didn’t disappoint. The 5km route on a mix of undulating paths proved enough of a challenge while at the same time providing the sight of picturesque landscapes and lovely houses set in spacious gardens. All sisters finished in varying times with the veteran Loriee Snook charting a time of 33.22mins.


And here’s what each sister had to say:

Quote from sister No. 1, Lorrin Tan:

“Being used to running in the tropics, it was a climate shock to join my four sisters at the Lochiel parkrun in winter! The 1st km was torturous as I found difficulty in breathing in the cold air and it took longer to warm up, even with the layering. As the run progressed, the body warmed up and the enjoyment started. The Lochiel scenery was lovely and it was amazing to see people of all ages coming out on a cold Saturday morning for a bit of running fellowship.”


Quote from sister No. 2, Loriee Snook:

“My parkrun journey started in March 2013 when I joined my husband and son at the Launceston parkrun. I tried walking with my husband as I’m not into running, even though I have walked at some fun runs in the past. With my 5ft nothing (and shrinking) frame and legs to match, next to his 6ft 4in frame and legs to match, I couldn’t catch up and ended up jog/walking. My aim was to eventually run the whole 5km, which I have done!


As my husband and I are now retired, we have become parkrun tourists. Our holiday accommodation is booked around various parkrun locations. And when Malaysia started its first parkrun we decided to get my 3 sisters living there to join.  In July 2018, our whole family gathered in Adelaide to celebrate my father’s 95th birthday and our parents’ 65th wedding anniversary. So we thought that we would get all 5 sisters to the Lochiel parkrun and participate together for the first time. My husband has since put his hand up to be one of 6 Run Directors at our home parkrun in Launceston and I volunteer as his able assistant.”


Quote from sister No. 3, Lor Che Tan:

“What do you do when your sister and brother-in-law who live in Launceston say they want to visit Kuala Lumpur but will spend some days in Singapore too? You (and hubby) join them in Singapore. Then, what do you do when they say while there they will be taking part in the East Coast Park parkrun? You (and hubby) sign up for barcodes and join them too. Thus our parkrun story began. And so far, it’s no regrets, having met the most incredible and enthusiastic people at every parkrun.”


Quote from sister No 4, Elsy Tan:

“Having just started participating in parkrun not so long ago, it’s been fun meeting up every Saturday to join like-minded fitness enthusiasts and those who just want to keep active. The Lochiel parkrun was exhilarating especially since the weather was a challenge and as it progressed, the jacket, jumper and vest started coming off one by one! Lochiel, I will be back!”


Quote from sister No. 5, Lor Wai Tan:

“History in the making having five sisters with a collective age of 304 years from both hemispheres fronting up at Lochiel for more than a jog around the park. A lot of calories were burned that morning!”
5 sisters and 2 brothers-in-law


Loriee Snook

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