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May Volunteer Update


Welcome to this month’s volunteer update. Here is some of the key information for the coming period:

  1. Volunteer roles
  2. Ambassadors
  3. Incident reporting
  4. Phone line support
  5. The parkrun logo

 1. Volunteer Roles

First Timers Welcome


We all know that feeling of turning up to something for the first time. Nervous, not knowing anyone, unsure of what will happen, feeling as though we may not fit in. To help put first-timers at ease and make them feel comfortable and supported in a new environment, we encourage all events to hold a First Timers Welcome. This is for new parkrunners and those taking part in that event for the first time and provides an excellent opportunity to set the tone and culture of parkrun.


The volunteer looking after the First Timers Welcome, should be ready to start early, watching out for and welcoming newcomers as soon as they arrive. The welcome briefing should be done prior to the main briefing and takes place away from the other participants. This means you can be heard properly and people aren’t distracted when you introduce them to parkrun.


This role has traditionally been taken care of by the Run Director, however separating the First Timers Welcome enables another volunteer to get involved and allows the Run Director to carry out all the other requirements of their role.


We encourage you to add this role to your volunteer roster via WebFMS by choosing ‘First Timers Briefing’ on the dropdown menu and to credit the person who carries out the role. For more details on this volunteering opportunity please speak to your Event Director.


Event Day Course Check


The Event Day Course Check involves checking that the course is safe to use and is free from anything that may make it unsafe to participants and volunteers. The check should take place on the day of the event as close to the start time as reasonably possible.


Anything that may be considered unsafe should be reported to the Run Director as soon as possible and they will make the final call as to whether the event should be cancelled or if an alternative safe route can be used instead.


The purpose of this check is to look for any obvious safety hazards and is not intended as an audit of the course.


The entire course should always be checked before the start of every event. Most events already do this without recognising the volunteer(s) who carry out the check, and by using ‘Event Day Course Check’  we acknowledge the time taken and the role.


2. Ambassadors


New Ambassadors


We would like to say a warm welcome to new Australian Event Ambassadors Andy Sutton (NSW), Gary Murphy (VIC),  James Rees (QLD), Katie Young (NSW), Trish Bell (NSW), Zora Harvie (WA), Kate Maslen (QLD), Leah Weeden (NSW), Melissa Cox (SA) and Kris Fitzpatrick (NSW) who joined the team in the last month.


Joining the Social Media Ambassador team we have Ricci McGreevy, Sally Heppleston, Sarah Dakos, Trevor Gosbell and Will Barlow and new additions to the Grant Ambassador team are Heather Haines and Emma Evans.


Event Ambassador recruitment


Our Ambassador Programme was created in 2017 to provide a national network of skilled and experienced volunteers who get involved outside of our weekly events and provide vital support to the Asia Pacific Operations team.

We are currently looking to recruit Ambassadors in the following locations:



  • Western Australia – Perth, north of the Swan river
  • South Australia – all areas.
  • Australia Capital Territory – all areas
  • New South Wales – Illawarra,  MacArthur & South Coast.
  • Queensland  - Brisbane, Darling Downs/South Western QLD, Sunshine Coast
  • Tasmania – Southern area
  • Victoria – North East



  • All areas


If you are interested in joining the Ambassador programme, you can find out more information here.


3. Incident Reporting


Incidents happen at parkrun.


Every week around 50 incidents (≈2,500 per year) are reported via WebFMS from Australia, Singapore, Malaysia and Japan. Every week we review every single incident logged via WebFMS and also add any incidents reported via Event Support to our incident tracker.


We categorise each one as either a dispute, medical, operational or safeguarding issue, or sometimes as a combination of several of those. They are also graded for severity and you may hear from one of us at Head Office if we consider your incident warrants further investigation.


You are also equally welcome to contact us via Event Support if you have further information and would like us to add more details to one of your incident reports too. After review and/or once we are satisfied with any follow-up activity, we archive each report on the system.


What is an incident? An incident is something that involves one or more of the following:

* Personal injury to anyone (including other park users)

* Near misses with the potential to cause serious injury

* Property damage

* Ill health and sickness

* Conflict or complaints

* Safeguarding concerns

* Something happens which could cause damage to the reputation of parkrun


You can find out more here. All incidents should be recorded by completing an incident report form via WebFMS during results processing. Please only record one incident at a time – use the ‘Add Additional Forms’ button to report any further incidents. If you discover that an incident occurred after you have processed your results, report it afterwards using the ‘record incidents’ option available via the menu on WebFMS.


Please ensure that you provide plenty of information – in particular the names of the people involved and their parkrun ID (whenever possible). Consider the wording and list any actions taken very carefully as these may need to be referred back to at a later stage in the case of a serious incident.


Repeat incidents may need to be linked to your Risk Assessment and/or you may need to consider altering your course to negate a perceived risk. As a courtesy please also inform your ambassador and the landowner if a serious incident occurs at your event.


 4. Phone line support


Each weekend two phone lines are manned for event team support.


The Serious Incident phone line is manned every weekend to provide support for all parkrun events. Phone line numbers for each country are:


  • Australia: +61 7 3106 3313
  • Japan (Australia): +61 7 3106 3313
  • Malaysia: +60 16299 1772
  • Singapore: +65 5313 8671


If the number is engaged when you call, please leave a message and someone will call you back as soon as possible.


The Tech Support line is there to assist teams with any challenges processing results.

Australia: +61 7 3053 8786


Please note: a direct line for Japan, Singapore & Malaysia is planned for the near future, however the Australian number can be used in the meantime.

5. The parkrun logo


The parkrun name and logo are trademarks that can be used by event teams for one-off consumables (such as cakes or balloons) but not for durable items that typically last longer than the day of the event such as signage, banners, t-shirts, photography watermarks, milestone mementoes, vests, badges, etc.


Our advice is to keep it simple and if in doubt, please ask first. All requests are to be approved by the parkrun Communications Team via the Brand inbox please.


Please refrain from creating any artwork for your event, we believe photos are the best way to communicate about your event. If you’d like to share posters at your event or on your social media accounts, you can access them here.


Profile pictures on all event social media accounts should not be changed. If you accidentally change it, you will find it in your profile album on Facebook or is available to download here.


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