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June Volunteer Update


Welcome to this month’s volunteer update. Here is some of the key information for the coming period:


  • Technical support line
  • Serious incident  line
  • Australian Ambassador recruitment
  • Replacement Automated External Defibrillators (AED) pads


1. Technical support line


The Technical Support line is there to assist teams with any challenges processing results.

Australia: +61 7 3053 8786


Please note: a direct line for Japan, Singapore & Malaysia is planned for the near future, however the Australian number can be used in the meantime.

2. Serious Incident line


The Serious Incident phone line is manned every weekend to provide support for all parkrun events, phone line numbers for each country are:


Australia: +61 7 3106 3313Japan (Australia): +61 7 3106 3313

Malaysia: +60 16299 1772Singapore: +65 5313 8671


If the number is engaged when you call, please leave a message and someone will call you back as soon as possible.

3. Australian Ambassador recruitment


Our Ambassador Programme was created in 2017 to provide a national network of skilled and experienced volunteers who get involved outside of our weekly events and provide vital support to the Asia Pacific Operations team. We have opportunities with the following roles and areas:

3.1. Event Ambassador

  • Western Australia – Perth, north of the Swan river
  • Australia Capital Territory – all areas
  • New South Wales – Illawarra,  MacArthur & South Coast.
  • Queensland  - Brisbane north
  • South Australia – all areas

3.2. Serious Incident Ambassador

  • All of Australia


3.3. Photography and Video Ambassador

  • All of Australia


3.4 Outreach Ambassador

  • All of Australia


If you are interested in joining the Ambassador programme, you can find out more information about the roles here.

4.  Replacement Automated External Defibrillators (AED) pads – Australia, Japan, Singapore and Malaysia


Replacement AED pads are sent by Head Office to all events in advance based on the expiry date printed on your event AED pads.  For all parkrun supplied AEDs the format of the expiry date on your AED pads is YEAR-MONTH-DATE . Head Office have a log of all the expiry dates and no action is required by Event Teams in terms of ordering new AED pads.


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