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Volunteer Profile


This week we meet Khaidar from Presint 18 parkrun and learn about his parkrun story and discover what he loves about parkrun…


1. Tell us a bit about yourself, Khaidir and the club you represent (if any)?
My name is Khaidir Bin Zakaria. I live at Precinct 11, Putrajaya. I am the founder of the PERMATA IHSAN Academy Putrajaya (formerly known as Putrajaya Caring Class) and also Putrajaya Park Runners Club (PPRC). In addition to running, I am also interested in horseback riding, mountain climbing, and traditional archery. The PPRC is part of the Permata Ihsan Academy. The main purpose of establishing this PPRC is to encourage all students and family members of the academy to be active together at the weekends e.g. like walking and running in a relaxed and consistent way. Precinct 18 parkrun is one of the best platforms for this. We want all of our students to practice a healthy lifestyle and be active in and outside of the classroom. The PPRC is also open to all Putrajaya Community residents who want a healthy and balanced lifestyle.


2. How did you find out about parkrun? and parkrun Malaysia? What was your first experience of parkrun?
I accidentally found out about parkrun through the STRAVA application account (Putrajaya Running Buddies) from Pak Engku Raja. I used to run around the Saujana Hijau Park and surrounding parks in Putrajaya, either solo or occasionally with friends. I first joined Precinct18 parkrun, on Jan 1, 2019. After visiting the website and reading the participation guide, I immediately registered my children and my wife. Since then, we have always trying to join parkrun consistently.


3. What do you like most about parkrun?
What I love most about parkrun is the spirit of the volunteering team that is very committed to organising parkrun every Saturday morning. It also makes me eager to attend. In addition, the parkrun is not far from where we live and running alongside the lake is great fun.


4. How would (do) you encourage newcomers to try parkrun?
We use social media platforms like STRAVA, facebook, telegram(?) and WhatsApp groups to publicize parkrun to all social media friends, students and family members of the PERMATA IHSAN academy.


5. Have you ever volunteered at parkrun and would you motivate others to try volunteering at parkrun?
Yes, so far I’ve volunteered twice as a Marshal. I’m really happy to be contributing energy and time for Precinct 18 parkrun. Yes, I will also invite other friends to volunteer.
6. What are your personal ambitions in parkrun? What would you like to see happen to parkrun in Malaysia?
Firstly, I want to be an example to my children and my students, in the academy. By living a healthy lifestyle and participating in Precinct 18 parkrun I will maintain a healthy body and happy family.


Secondly, I hope more community friends and local people will join family-friendly recreational activities in Putrajaya, as well as parkrun.

Finally, there are many interesting facilities and gardens in Putrajaya which are suitable to be used as the next park(?run) location such as the Saujana Hijau Park, Chancery Park, Wildlife Park, Wetland Park, Botanical Garden, Putra Perdana Park, and surrounding areas. With consistent weekend activities such as parkrun, made by a dedicated group of volunteers this will indirectly promote and elevate the Putrajaya community as a healthy, clean and harmonious society.


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