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Volunteer Profile


This week we hear from Anne Weng, married to the legendary Mr. Yap, both of whom are pioneer parkrunners at Taman Pudu Ulu parkrun. They are wonderful assets to our parkrun community. Anne, in particular, has been fabulous at recruiting her friends and fellow park users into the parkrun family.


 What was your first experience of parkrun?

I had not heard of parkrun, until one day in early 2018, when we chanced upon the team that was hoping to set up parkrun at Taman Pudu Ulu. One of the organisers explained what they were doing and that they were awaiting official approval from the city council. My husband, Yap, and I were very keen as this park is close to where we are living. The following week we joined in and have not looked back.


What do you like most about parkrun?

It’s great to get the opportunity to exercise, whether jogging or walking, along with the chance of making lots of friends, both local and foreign.


Do you enjoy volunteering and what is your favourite role?

I really enjoy the Tail-Walker role as I get to volunteer and walk at the same time. Currently, I have a couple of friends who are walking at the same pace and thus this role fits me perfectly!


What impact does parkrun have for you and your family/friends?

We have the opportunity to meet up, exercise together while catching up, and, of course, adjourn for a hearty breakfast afterwards.


How would you encourage newcomers to try parkrun?

I think I’m good here as I have actually encouraged curious onlookers to join us on quite a few occasions. Indeed, I have managed to recruit quite a few of my friends to join in our parkrun.




Anne has volunteered 19 times and completed 46 parkrun events, all at Taman Pudu Ulu. Thank you for all your support Anne. We wish you well in achieving your upcoming 50th parkrun milestone.

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