Berita - November 6, 2019

Happy Anniversary Presint 18 parkrun


Event number 52 was a lovely opportunity to celebrate Presint 18, parkrun’s first birthday. How quickly time has passed since our launch one year ago!


The volunteer team planned this event and theme several weeks in advance. Theme suggestions were batik and pelikat, fancy hats, and neon (bright) colours. In the end, the batik and pelikat theme was the one selected following a Facebook poll.


Volunteers created a board from banana leaves (which fortunately didn’t wither!) and emblazoned the ground with a chalked motif. They had spent several evenings completing the former, while the floor decoration was drawn early in the morning before parkrun. Their hard work was very impressive. Well done everyone!




We couldn’t have had a celebration without the mandatory parkrun birthday cake. Volunteers also supplied ice cream, brownies and drinks for everyone. Thank you for your generosity. Eating and drinking together, after completing our 5km, was a perfect opportunity to mingle and share stories, whilst cheering on runners and walkers heading to the finish line.


To the twenty-three new parkrunners, who chose this birthday weekend for their first attendance, you chose a great day. We hope to see you again!




We would like to thank the volunteers who have initiated and strengthened Presint 18 parkrun, Putrajaya (yes, you know who you are) and all the Run Directors for their energy, time and passion, without whom parkrun would not be possible.




And most of all, congratulations and thanks to the runners and walkers that turn up every Saturday morning to stretch their legs, see familiar, friendly faces, or even just come along for coffee.


Looking forward to many more awesome years to come for Presint 18 parkrun, Putrajaya!

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Feedback from the Field

parkrun in Putrajaya was very amazing.   It was very interesting and funny! We love parkrun!   Marya Makarova

Mr Yap

Volunteer Profile

Mr. Yap is famous at Taman Pudu Ulu parkrun for his legendary smile, sunny personality and the mischievous glint in his eye.   A former mechanical engineer, now operating an independent real-estate business, Mr. Yap is married to Anne, featured in a recent parkrun Malaysia newsletter. A self-described ‘senior’ at parkrun, Mr. Yap has completed…