Berita - November 27, 2019

Treasured Memories


Audrey, a mother of two teenagers, is currently in training for her second marathon. Five years ago she couldn’t run at all…


“Apart from yoga, I hadn’t really done any exercise since I left school. I started running 5 years ago when I signed up for a 5km event only because my son, Kristian, wanted to do the 2km kid’s race. We made a pledge to train together. On the first attempt I gave up after 1.5km, I was so out of breath and dizzy. “


With commitment and training, Audrey eventually managed to complete 5km. Shortly after this achievement, Audrey and her family were on holiday in the UK and discovered Northala Fields parkrun, in London. A regular parkrunner kindly offered to run with Kristan to allow Audrey to run at her own pace. Audrey enthuses of that first event,’‘ The community and friendship experienced were simply awesome.”




Following that, Audrey ran several other UK parkruns with her family. These family runs have become ‘treasured memories’ as Kristian soon turned 11 years old and so was able to run unsupervised, at his own very fast pace, leaving Mum far behind.


During Audrey’s marathon training, parkrun in Malaysia has been useful for speedwork or it has provided an opportunity to volunteer while resting for her long run on Sunday.


“I have made many new friends from parkrun, mostly as a result of volunteering, as I’m not out of breath from running! I absolutely love meeting new people from all walks of life and different nationalities, exchanging stories and having a good laugh. I don’t have a favourite role, all are easy.”


Of the impact parkrun has on her family, “It helps us get more active, is something to do on a Saturday morning, especially when on holiday. We even managed to get my husband to join, and although he doesn’t like the super early wake-ups in Malaysia, he really enjoys parkrun every time!”


Audrey has great tactics in getting newcomers to try parkrun.


“Everyone likes a good breakfast so I persuade them to join with food….. but they have to walk or jog first! Everyone in Malaysia likes a free event! Plus you get a free T-shirt when you reach a milestone. “


parkrun Malaysia would like to wish Audrey every success in her upcoming Osaka marathon.


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