Berita - January 28, 2021

Halfway heroes


At the start of this year we invited you all to kickstart 2021 and join us for a special eight week campaign, The parkrun Resolution.


parkrun’s Global Head of Health and Wellbeing Chrissie Wellington shares some thoughts at the halfway point.


parkrunners around the world have joined us on this eight week journey, pledging to make small (or big!) changes to their daily lives. We have been inundated with messages from people who have told us of their own resolutions to be a little more active, get more sleep, hit a new personal best for a 5k or spend a few minutes each day outside getting some fresh air.


Caitríona from Fingal set herself the monumental challenge of walking 100 kilometres in January whilst Amy from Manchester simply aims to get a solid 8 hours of sleep every night.


This week marks the momentous halfway point of that journey. We would like to congratulate you on all that you have achieved so far and encourage everyone to (virtually) join hands in a global parkrun Resolution celebration!


Change is often hard and, as we have mentioned before, is best broken down into small yet significant steps rather than being seen as one giant, maybe unachievable, leap. Reaching half way provides a valuable opportunity to pause, reflect on the past four weeks, think about the progress you have made and give yourself a huge pat on the back. Even if there have been a few bumps along the way and you might not be at the point you expected when you first started, try to focus on what you have accomplished and be proud of the small steps you have taken.


But don’t just keep it to yourselves. Tell us, tell others, share the progress that you’ve made using the hashtag #parkrunResolution like Olwyn did on twitter.


Whilst we might have our own personal goals, we never get to the finish line alone.


We are buoyed by others, whether that be a kind word of advice or encouragement, a motivational message, an offer to join a friend on a walk or run, or a face-to-face or online chat over a coffee. After all, parkrun is as much about community and collective effort as it is about individual achievement. So, why don’t you reach out to those around you, express your thanks, say well done and, where parkrun events have restarted maybe you could organise a collective celebratory cheer at the pre-event briefing?! If it’s loud enough the positive vibes will reverberate across all those countries where parkrun events are still closed!


If you are new to The parkrun Resolution, and are thinking about making a change, there is no better time than right now. Join us on this journey and let us motivate and encourage you over the next four weeks, and beyond. There are lots of resources available, like the Strive for Five walking plan, Couch to 5K programmes and tips for getting enough sleep, not to mention all the amazing #parkrunResolution stories that are coming in from parkrunners across the globe.


Maybe you could also join hundreds of others in the newly established ‘parkrun Resolution’ group, via your parkrun profile.




Incredibly, we have almost 50 members of the group who are completely new to parkrun – having not yet done a parkrun.


18 different countries are represented and over 17,500 (not)parkruns have been completed by parkrun Resolutioners so far.


Wherever you are in the world, let’s come together, take those small yet significant steps forward and before we know it we will all be standing on top of the parkrun Resolution mountain.



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