Berita - June 3, 2021

Keep on (not)parkrunning


While this is a challenging time for us all, it is wonderful to hear that Malena Mahat, from Presint 18, parkrun, has completed a total of 192 (not)parkruns!


Malena describes the benefits for her, “My body and legs feel strong, and running helps maintain my body weight. I feel happy, with no stress. I keep on encouraging myself to do better each time.”


As well as encouraging herself, Malena wishes for others to experience these benefits by posting on social media.


While she may not qualify for a t-shirt for her number of (not)parkruns, well done to Malena for her continued motivation and enthusiasm for (not)parkrun and we hope that it won’t be long until parkrun can start again.


Malena’s words say it all, “I miss spending time with old friends and meeting new ones.”

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