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Creating stronger bonds in isolated areas


From hectic cities to remote corners around the world. No matter where you are, the ability for parkrun to connect people and create communities is part of the magic of our events. For those living in tucked away hidden gems, the remote existence can sometimes lead to a sense of disconnectedness among residents and a feeling of living in isolation.


However, as we approach our 20th anniversary at parkrun, we have witnessed the ability of parkrun to brilliantly transform these isolated communities into vibrant, tightly-knit neighbourhoods.


parkrun can be used as an extraordinary tool that not only promotes physical and mental wellbeing for people living in isolation, but also serves as a catalyst for building lasting community relations.




Since our conception as a free, weekly 5k and 2k (juniors) community event, parkrun has grown rapidly throughout the world. With more than 2,200 locations in 22 countries hosted in scenic parks, beaches and forests every weekend, it provides an excellent opportunity for residents of isolated areas to come together and celebrate the joy of community.


By joining in at parkrun, individuals can break the barriers of living in isolation, fostering a sense of belonging and unity within their communities.




One of the remarkable aspects of parkrun is its inclusivity across all age groups. Whether you’re a youngster bursting with energy or an elder seeking an active lifestyle, there’s a place for everyone. By encouraging people of all generations to participate, parkrun enriches the community with a diverse range of perspectives and stories.


Living in isolated areas often means being surrounded by picturesque landscapes. By organising events in the heart of these idyllic settings, parkrun develops a genuine appreciation for the local environment and provides an opportunity to connect with nature. We encourage residents to explore their surroundings and develop a deeper bond with the natural world.




Unfortunately, living in isolated places can also take a toll on mental wellbeing. parkrun offers a chance to combat this by creating a supportive and non-judgmental space where individuals can gather and take part in a way that suits them! Being outdoors and engaging in physical activity releases endorphins, reducing stress and promoting mental clarity. Additionally, the camaraderie and friendships formed during parkrun events can be a source of emotional support, helping individuals through challenging times.


parkrun is more than just a weekly, timed event or a run in the park; it’s an opportunity to get to know and speak to others within your community. After each event, parkrunners often gather for a well-deserved coffee and a chat. This post-event ritual builds connections and provides a platform for people to discuss local issues, share ideas and often organise further community initiatives.


Within isolated locations, the Saturday and Sunday mornings represent a great opportunity to rekindle a sense of togetherness and connection. By parkrunning, individuals can experience the power of physical activity, being outdoors, making new friendships, and contributing to a thriving community no matter where they are.


So step outside and join us as we embrace the transformative power of parkrun, creating a healthier and happier planet with a future where no community feels isolated!


James Dowling



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