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Nine ways to start with parkrun

It’s a new year. Grab your friends, family, colleagues and neighbours and start with parkrun.   Insight shows us that one of the most powerful tools for encouraging people along to a parkrun is word of mouth. So, this new year, why not help a friend get started on their parkrun journey.   Here are…

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I cannot imagine life without it

Philippa Levey’s enthusiasm for parkrun is striking, but the resilience behind her story is remarkable. Following a diagnosis of rheumatoid arthritis, Phillipa shares her journey from avoiding exercise completely, to not being able to imagine her life without parkrun.   I am a 70-year-old parkrun devotee, and what is unusual about this comment is that I…

Alicia BH
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A safe space

Alicia Hopper is a nurse that has always encouraged being open about mental health, but when it came to her own mental health, she initially struggled. Alicia describes how she came to terms with her mental health and got involved at parkrun to help manage it.   In my mid-twenties I was diagnosed with clinical depression.   It…

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Taking small steps forward

It’s week two of The parkrun Resolution and it’s all about taking small steps forward. We’re here for you. Read on for this week’s top tips and don’t forget to celebrate what you’ve done so far.   Often the hardest thing to do is start: to start something new, make a change, do something differently….

The parkwalk_Twitter_1024x512px_JAN WEEK 3_HERO3
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parkwalk is here

Ready to strive for five? Here’s your eight week guide to successfully completing a 5k walk.   You can walk at the same pace throughout or, if you want, you can alter the pace that you walk as indicated below. Remember that any plan is only a guide, so please do go at your own…