Nieuws - 22nd November 2019

parkrun Maastricht meets parkrun Bonn


In order to get acquainted with the practical aspects of organising a parkrun event, and at the same time enhance the team spirit even better, a delegation of our team of volunteers visited the Rheinaue parkrun in Bonn. Since it is a 1 hour and 20 minutes drive, we had an early start that Saturday. About half an hour before the start we arrived in the beautiful Rheinaue park where we met the local volunteers.

They explained to us a lot about the different parkrun roles and we got to choose the task we wanted to fulfill that morning. So our people from Maastricht registered times (no stress) handed out finish tokens, scanned barcodes and joined the tailwalker. After the run there was a nice get-together in a bakery where runners and volunteers enjoyed a warm coffee or even a nice breakfast.
All in al it was a very inspiring morning. Everything was very well organised and the friendship we experienced between runners and volunteers was heartwarming. It was obvious that parkrun is for everyone, we saw old and young people at the start. The first runner set a very decent time of about 18 minutes on the clock whilst the last walker enjoyed his walk at the back. The fun they had was the same.

The fact that this day inspired all of us was proven the next day when a bunch of us decided to test out our own parkun. We are really looking forward to getting started in Maastricht soon!


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