Nieuws - 27th November 2019

Rotterdam is getting ready for parkrun


In many locations in the Netherlands, teams are working hard to get ready for parkrun. An important part of this is of course to create a nice route! And it’s never too early to start with this part. Several teams are currently already testing their parkrun routes on Saturday mornings at 9AM.
One of these teams is the Rotterdam team:
“A growing group of parkrun enthousiasts is gathering every Saturday morning at 9AM in the Kralingse Bos for a 5K lap. The route runs through forest paths and along the lake. While running you have a magnificent view over the skyline of Rotterdam, and when you go toward the finish line you are treated with an authenitc Dutch windmill.
The group consists of Dutchies and expats that know parkrun from back home. During our run, and after while we enjoy pancakes, we get to know each other better and we discuss what needs to be done to prepare for the official launch. We are all looking forward to the start of parkrun in Rotterdam!”
Are you also getting excited? Please join on Saturday morning to test the route with us and experience that parkrun-feeling. Mail to and we’ll get you in touch with the local teams!

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