Nieuws - 4th May 2022

All Are Welcome


“All are welcome” – easily the first thing that drew me to parkrun. That aligns so closely to my personal feeling about fitness and running spaces. Every. Person. Belongs.


Living in the US, I had heard about this parkrun phenomenon but never experienced it personally. Therefore I was elated when we moved to Amsterdam, Netherlands in January 2018 and the rumours of parkrun coming to The Netherlands in 2019 started spreading.




My wife and I started volunteering once the COVID regulations started lifting in Amsterdam and parkrun would be restarting. And now? It is a regular part of our Saturday morning routine. We are even joined by our 11 year old dog, Laney, who loves volunteering so much we bought her her own volunteer vest.




The amazing team that stands behind Amsterdamse Bos is an outstanding group of local Dutchies and Expats. While I love running, volunteering is even more fun. I am usually stationed around the finish line area and cheering on the participants brings my heart so much joy. You get to recognise people week in and week out and it’s a privilege to see them pushing themselves to their limits, pacing a friend to a PR or enjoying a 5k with a loved one or friend.


The field is made up of people from around the globe, a wide range of ages and fitness levels and it encourages me each week to keep showing up.




I send a special shout to the Amsterdamse Bos team for being the fantastic people that they are and I encourage each of you to stop by one Saturday, Laney will greet you with a tail wag and a smile.


Dani, her wife and their pup relocated from the US to Amsterdam in January 2018. When not at Parkrun, Dani is either working on her #runstreak, co-leading November Project Amsterdam or sharing about one of those things on her social media pages.





Deel met je vrienden:


Foto overzicht van Nederland: 14 mei

Afgelopen weekend was het stralend weer en dat kun je zien op de foto’s: een rondje langs (bijna) alle parkruns.   Hier is een selectie van foto´s van onze evenementen.


Geweldig om weer terug te zijn

Anne Hanley is blij dat ze weer terug is bij parkrun na haar behandeling tegen borstkanker en haar herstel daarna. Ze vertelt ons hoe het voelde om weer naar parkrun te gaan.   Ik begon met parkrun omdat het een manier was om weer regelmatig wat aan beweging te doen en omdat het iets was…