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parkrun – a walk in the park

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We were very excited to hear that recently parkrun introduced parkwalk for walkers, as running 5 kms had become difficult for us at the age of 70 and 72, even with a reasonable level of fitness.
We joined parkrun in South Africa 7 years ago and are still parkwalking with no intention of ‘parking’ our running/walking shoes.
Through the years we’ve achieved some of the milestones like 50, 100 and 250 walks and I’m short of 8 more walks before I earn my 250 T-shirt and nothing is going to hold me back.
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We decided to emigrate to the Netherlands in April 2021. We researched all parkruns and the following week joined the Kagerzoom parkrun in Leiden.
Over the years we have visited many other parkruns in different cities and countries, each time meeting many parkrunners of different nationalities and always making new friends.
The fun thing about parkwalk is, you do not have to be competitive as you compete against yourself. The volunteers record your time and email the results to you allowing you to measure your performance for each run/walk, giving an oversight of all your past times and reflecting your PB (Personal Best). You compete against yourself by trying to improve your PB should you wish. When we started at Kagerzoom we were the only walkers and now close to 2 years later there has been a steady increase in walkers and we now enjoy their company at the back of the pack. Even though we are often 10-20 minutes behind the runners we get the same encouragement and accolades as the runners.
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Individuals and families of all ages join parkrun, some to be competitive, others for walking dogs, toddlers in pushchairs, babies in prams, mums carrying their babies including pregnant ladies for the exercise, or if none of the above suits you, you can always be a volunteer. Doing both is also an option and the best of all is that nothing is compulsory, you decide when and what pleases you the most.
We enjoy our steady weekly parkwalk, sometimes volunteering to be the ‘Tail Walker’ and now the parkwalker role. After the walk, we go up to the Club House for a cup of coffee to meet up with our fellow runners/walkers and chat up a storm and generally bonding. No weather deters us. parkrun/walk is part of our life and we wouldn’t miss one by choice.
Yvonne & Steve Van Wyk
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Photo credit: Jens Van Hecke, @jensvh_photos

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