Nieuws - 7th juni 2023

Welcome to Oosterhout parkrun!


Welcome to Oosterhout parkrun, in park Oosterhout, on the edge of the city center of Alkmaar.
Our parkrun route consists of 3 loops through this versatile park. The route is mainly on flat cycling and walking paths and has a small section uphill on a gravel track.
The park is widely used by the local population for sports, walking, playing and recreation. It is therefore not surprising that you will find sports equipment, a couple of playgrounds, a mini-farm, a butterfly garden, a play beach and a dog beach in the park.
The idea for a parkrun near Alkmaar has been there since the first announcement that parkrun would come to the Netherlands. And some members of our core team were also involved in setting up parkrun in the Netherlands. Unfortunately, due to the corona pandemic it did not originally get off the ground in Alkmaar.
Our team now consists of an international group of people of which a number of members already know parkrun from their home countries England, Ireland and South Africa. Other members have become enthusiastic because they did not have a parkrun nearby, but regularly participate as a parkrun tourist. All together a very driven team that wants to share parkrun in its surroundings. And Alkmaar is the place for this.
After looking at a number of possible locations in and around Alkmaar, we ended up at park Oosterhout. The location to organize a parkrun in which everyone can participate. Whether you’re a family, walker, jogger or a hardcore runner, parkrun is the event for you. Accessories are welcome! i.e. running buggies, wheelchairs and even a fluffy friend on a lead. Our course is suitable for everyone. The park is easily accessible and has fine facilities. And after your parkrun you can set off to the city center of Alkmaar in a few minutes to enjoy the rest of your day.
Team vols
Oosterhout parkrun will start on 10 June 2023. We hope to see you at one of our events. See you soon!
Team Oosterhout parkrun, Alkmaar

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