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Finding friends amongst strangers

22-year-old Sophia Holdsworth from Hamilton Lake parkrun on New Zealand’s north island, first signed up to parkrun to help manage multiple autoimmune diseases.   Sophie explains how the benefits have extended far beyond a Saturday morning and opened up a whole new world of friendships.   My Grandparents in the UK joined parkrun years ago…

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Welcome Eukanuba

We are excited to announce a new partnership with Eukanuba.   Eukanuba is a Super Premium pet food company that has been proudly supplying high-quality nutrition to dogs around the world for over 50 years. Our partnership is built on our shared passion that everyone is born to be active whether you run or walk…

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I keep going back

After celebrating her 30th birthday, Tamara McClelland was looking for another challenge having completed a remarkable personal transformation.    She heard that parkrun was coming to town, and the rest is history!   In 2017, my New Year’s Resolution was to lose 30 kilos before my 30th birthday, which was in August. It was obviously a…

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Help us celebrate female participation on International Women’s Day

parkrun events all over the world are being encouraged to celebrate female participation by hosting a special event on Saturday 7 March 2020, ahead of International Women’s Day the following day.    We would love you to join in the celebrations by bringing along a female friend, colleague or family member and everyone is invited…

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Cheers parkrun, here’s to many more

Maggie Davies relocated to NZ from the UK. She went from a busy, active lifestyle, to losing her interest in running and physical activity.    That was until she found parkrun…   parkrun has been a real help to me getting back into running again. I had done distance runs in UK for some years,…

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The parkrun effect

Cheryl Kessack is a regular volunteer at Puarenga parkrun and is popular among the local parkrun community.   Cheryl tells us how she first got involved, why she loves it so much, and why you will too!   I got into parkrun in April 2018. I joined the Rotorua Group Challenge (bootcamp) and I started getting…

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Nine tips for summer parkrunning

Now that the trees are green, the temperatures are rising, and everyone is riding high on Vitamin D, we’ve put together some top tips for parkrunning in the warmer weather…     1. Walk or cycle to parkrun     You’ve had all winter de-icing the windscreen and peering out in between the wipers on…

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Five mental tricks for your next parkrun

Five kilometres. 5,000 metres. 500,000 centimetres. 5,000,000 millimetres. 3.1 miles. However you think of it, parkrun is the same distance every week.   However, some weeks it can feel a lot, lot longer!   Here are five mental tricks you can use to make your weekly parkrun feel like a walk, jog or run in the…

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Become a parkrun Event Ambassador

In order to support the existing and future parkrun events in New Zealand, we are continuing to expand our national network of parkrun Ambassadors.     This is an exciting new development and a great way to get involved in volunteering at parkrun outside of Saturday mornings!   Ambassadors are skilled and experienced volunteers who provide…

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10 reason to try your first parkrun

parkrun has grown from one event in a park to a global movement of millions of people walking, jogging, running and volunteering across 21 countries.   But parkrun is so much more than a walk, jog or run in a park!   If you or someone you know is yet to come along for the first time,…