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The School of parkrun

parkrun may be out for the time being, but the School of parkrun is here!   We’re super happy to say that from Monday 30 March, we will be setting daily parkrun-themed tasks for children of all ages and the whole family to try together.   We’ll be covering five subjects: English Science Geography Maths…

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Share your stories with us

Now, more than ever, we want to keep the parkrun world inspired and engaged. And what better way to do that, than with stories from you – our parkrun family.   Here’s how to get in touch with us.   We’d love to see anything you’d like to send through, but especially –   Films…

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A huge celebration at International Women’s Day parkrun!

In a celebration of female participation to mark International Women’s Day, #IWDparkrun welcomed an astonishing 15,000 additional women and girls at parkruns all around the world.   On Saturday 7 March 2020, we were delighted to see almost 151,000 women and girls walking, jogging or running at parkrun globally.   Our social feeds lit up…

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The parkrunners behind the camera

Everyone who goes to parkrun knows how special Saturday mornings are as communities come together to walk, jog, run and volunteer – then celebrate with a coffee afterwards!   One way to bring the parkrun experience to life is through photography – and two of parkrun NZ’s Photography Ambassadors, Richard Berber and Andy Walmsley, tell…

Sophia Holdsworth
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Finding friends amongst strangers

22-year-old Sophia Holdsworth from Hamilton Lake parkrun on New Zealand’s north island, first signed up to parkrun to help manage multiple autoimmune diseases. Sophie explains how the benefits have extended far beyond a Saturday morning and opened up a whole new world of friendships.   My Grandparents in the UK joined parkrun years ago to…

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Prioritise something for yourself

Hello, my name is Joyce and I am 29. I joined parkrun after two new people started in my workplace – they were from South Africa and they told me how big it is in South Africa and how cool it is to have your results recorded online so you can see how you improve….

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A shared experience on both sides of the globe

Lizzi Elton-Walters began her parkrun journey in England in 2011 as an inactive university student in her early twenties. Nine years and 366 parkruns later she can be found at Lower Hutt parkrun in New Zealand, and credits parkrun with helping her meet new friends on the other side of the world while creating a…

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People who become your parkrun friends

29-year-old Sophie Stokes is a Dunedin parkrunner who was encouraged to attend by her cousin. Sophie in turn introduced her partner to parkrun on their third date!   I got involved with parkrun when I was 24 because my cousin was really keen on it. I couldn’t believe it was free! I ran and volunteered…

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There’s no stopping me

There’s been no stopping Sarah Wiwarena since she first got her parkrun barcode. Sarah, who is in her seventies, recently joined the 50 club and is always trying to get others to come and participate in parkrun.   My friend Alan Ryan, and my brother-in-law Robert Corbett, who coincidentally achieved his 50th parkrun the week after me,…

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Meet the parkrunners: The Karaitiana family

Here is a parkrunner profile with a difference! The Karaitiana family are regulars at Anderson parkrun and consists of Mum and Dad (Marc and Irene) and six children – Ezekiel, Ocean, Texas, Rain, Hunter and Glacier.   The Karaitiana family tell us more about their parkrunning experiences…   Name: Marc Karaitiana Occupation: Salesperson for a Health…