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Celebrate Global Running Day with Brooks

Global Running Day is a worldwide celebration of the transformative power of running. On this special day, runners of all levels, from beginners to seasoned athletes, connect to embrace the joy and benefits of running. It’s an opportunity to celebrate your personal running journey, set new goals, and foster a sense of friendship with fellow…

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We’re one team

All around the world, we’ve seen more than 28,000 different people volunteer in the parkwalker role and together, they’ve parkwalked more than 52,000 times!   We speak to one of the parkwalkers, Cathy Hannon, about why she chooses to volunteer in her favourite role every Saturday morning. Cathy’s chronic condition means that parkwalking is the…

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A natural choice

Sarah Dymock recently achieved her 100 volunteer milestone. A change in her work hours over the past year meant she didn’t have time to run but she could still be involved as a volunteer.   “I first learned about Gisborne parkrun when a friend posted about it on Facebook, it hadn’t been going too long…

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Celebrating 10 years of the Ambassador Programme

This week we’re looking back on 10 years of the parkrun Ambassador Programme.   Ambassador roles enable more people to get involved with parkrun, share their knowledge, and support their communities health and happiness.   Find out how it all started, what the Ambassadors do and what we have achieved together.     Firstly, what…

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The Ghost 15: Your favourite running shoe, now more sustainable than ever

Are you looking for a shoe that combines comfort, support, and sustainability? Look no further than the Ghost 15, Brooks’ best-selling running shoe that’s beloved by runners everywhere. And now, it’s even better for the planet.   Let’s start with what makes the Ghost 15 such a great shoe for runners. First of all, it…

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parkrun made it all easy

Rahema Mamodo writes about the sense of community she has felt at her local parkrun ever since she started. It led her to make friends through regular physical activity and gave her the confidence to enter her first race!   My first parkrun experience at my local event in Solihull was great, I had never…

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Overpronation vs. underpronation: What to look for in running shoes

All running shoes are not created equal, especially considering we don’t all land on the ground the same. Our feet should land in a neutral position, but quite a few of us may notice some rolling one way or another. This is known as overpronation vs. underpronation, and depending on your feet, your shoes will…

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Celebrating 500 in the 500 walk, jog, run milestone club

Each week, all around the world, we celebrate those who reach a milestone club. But last weekend, parkrun hit a major landmark. We’re proud to now have over 500 members in the 500 walk, jog, run milestone club!   Out of eight million global registered parkrunners, more than 600,000 people are part of a walk, jog, run…

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Find the best shoes for you

No two parkrunners are alike. Your preferences, natural stride, body type, skills, and experience are all unique to you — and while that’s awesome, it can also pose a challenge as you look for the right shoe.   Fortunately, we know a thing or two about matchmaking. To find your best shoe for parkrunning, use…

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parkrunning with cystic fibrosis

When Harry first started parkrun at age 10, mum Ruth quickly noticed that regular exercise was important to his wellbeing, as well as his cystic fibrosis.   Ruth writes how Harry’s weekly parkrun sets him challenges and has pushed him to leap from strength to strength.   Harry started parkrun when he was around 10…