Garrett Hoffman 1
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Helping to recover

Garrett Hoffman had already decided that parkrun was something that was key to a happy and healthy life.   But it was when he broke his pelvis that he got to see how parkrun could help with his recovery.   In February 2018 the 40-year-old Puarenga parkrunner was out riding a quad bike.   “There…

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COVID-19 (Coronavirus) update 8 June

Last weekend we saw 700 events take place across seven countries, with more than 62,000 participants enjoying the magic of free, community-led, outdoor, social physical activity opportunities.   It is so encouraging to see these events welcomed back by local communities, and to see our COVID-19 Framework in action and working well. This COVID-specific framework…

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Harri loves parkrun

Harrison (Harri) Brown is seven years old. Harri loves to run. And Harri, like many other seven-year-old children, loves parkrun.   But Harri is not just any other child. Harri was rushed to Starship Children’s Hospital within an hour of birth for life-saving open-heart surgery for his condition: critical aortic stenosis with severe left ventricle…

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COVID-19 (Coronavirus) update 1 June

It was fabulous to see 25 events return across South Africa last weekend, the seventh country to welcome back free, weekly, community events since lockdown began last March.   Unfortunately a temporary lockdown in Victoria, Australia meant that 97 events were cancelled there, but in total 663 events did take place around the world, with…

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parkrun helps settle in a new country

When Sydneysider Megan Clarke took off on a six-week overland tour of Africa she never expected it would result in a move to New Zealand.   The 32-year-old finished that trip with a blossoming relationship with a Kiwi traveller. Now a Run Director at Puarenga Megan tells us how parkrun helped her settle in her new…

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COVID-19 (Coronavirus) update 25 May

It was fantastic to welcome back ten events across the USA last Saturday, the sixth country to see events restart since the suspension of all parkruns worldwide last March.   In total, 725 events took place last weekend, with just under 70,000 participants walking, jogging, running and volunteering, including nearly 3,500 people attending a parkrun…

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A transformation that saved my life

Wendy Chilesh began parkrunning in 2013 as a way to ‘shed a few kilos’. Wendy believes her physical transformation through parkrun, which led to an early cancer diagnosis, is the reason she is still alive.   I did my first parkrun in November 2013. I was motivated by my work colleague and I was also…

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Rediscover your parkrun mojo

Whether you are new to parkrun, or you’ve been parkrunning for years, it’s only natural from time-to-time to find yourself in a bit of a parkrunning slump.   Are you struggling for motivation? Have your times plateaued? Tempted by the snooze button? Looking for some inspiration?   Here are a few ways you can rediscover your parkrun mojo!…

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COVID-19 (Coronavirus) update 18 May

For the first time in 14 months more than 700 parkrun events took place around the world last weekend, with over 66,000 participants walking, jogging, running and volunteering, including 3,500 people who took part for the very first time.   Every parkrun event that restarts represents another community reunited, and is a massive step forward…

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My stability in a crazy world

My first experience of parkrun was sitting in the car for several weeks just watching people come and go because I was so nervous. I thought they all looked so athletic, surely they would not want this turtle speed 50 minute-ish jogger to join them.   Eventually I summoned the courage to step up. How…