News - 13th June 2018

Lower Hutt Legend

Richard McC

Richard McChesney – LastOneStanding


Last weekend saw Richard McChesney, who started the Lower Hutt parkrun race on English soil at #LastOneStanding - an incredible, endurance elimination race.


Richard’s account of his amazing adventure follows:
“An absolutely amazing weekend. The idea is that runners (and me walking) have to complete a 4.1 mile lap (6.56Km) in under an hour and be on the start line to start the next lap every single hour. The race started at 12 noon on Saturday and the 36 starters were slowly whittled down as runners either refused to start their next lap or were timed out during Saturday night and into Sunday. In my case I consistently lapped in 55 minutes and took a 5 minute standing rest (no sitting down as I didn’t want to seize up).
After 24 hours only 9 of us started lap 25, the 100 mile lap, and then finally there were only 2 of us left at the start of lap 29.


Richie Hinsin then pushed me and pushed me, lap after lap until finally at 11pm he came to me on the start line for lap 36 to say that he was out. One of the hardest races I have done thanks to Richie.
In total I walked 147.6 miles in 36 hours (I had to complete the 36th lap otherwise both Richie and I would have been awarded DNF medals).
Add to that, parkrun on Saturday morning, and it was a 150 mile weekend.
A huge thanks to the organisers, and also to all the other competitors and supporters. I’m already looking forward to doing it all again next year.”


Richard is on the left of the photo above showing the nine who started lap 25, the 100 mile lap. Congratulations Richard from all at parkrun New Zealand!


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