Awards - 15th October 2018

parkdog of the week

Loki Queenstown

I’m Loki, five months old, and mum says I was extremely well named after the God of Mischief and Trickery! My dogparents are Working Cocker Spaniels on a farm down in Southland, and most of my brothers and my sister went off to farms too… but I was the silliest, cheekiest, snuggliest and hairiest so I got to go home with a running family instead!


I’m very close to my mum, which is why we’re a marshal team. She does most of her work from home and lets me sleep on her bed at night, so I never really let her out of my sight. (She’s a bit sneaky and sometimes hides from me when we’re out on a run, so I’m sure to jump all over her when I find her again.) One day I was a marshal with granddad because Mum was running, and I cried so hard when she ran past without me that it broke her heart! Like the Loki I was named after, sometimes I pretend to be good to get what I want, but most of the time I’m naughty just for fun… and because that’s how you get the most attention. I’ve got it all figured out.


parkrun is my favourite time of the week. I’m extremely responsible and always check the course for any sticks, or even more importantly… any ducks. I always make sure that I wear my hi-vis vest so everyone knows they have to listen to everything I have to say (and so mum and I match!). I dig a lot of holes, too, and Mum always lets me go for a swim after. It’s the best morning ever. We volunteer almost every week, so now there’s lots of people who call out “hi, Loki!” when they run past or stop to take my photo… oh, and I get to say hi to all our barkrunners, who I always try my best to distract from running. Mum says we’ll be dressing up for Halloween when I’ll get to actually be a runner for the first time… just think of all the things I’m going to get to sniff and chase, and I hope I win an award for being best dressed!


Because I’m still just a baby, we’ve only been to Queenstown parkrun, almost every week since I came to town. I have some Instagram friends who keep asking me to come to their parkruns in England, but Mum says not until I get a job and pay for my own airfare. I saw a photo of sheep at Balclutha parkrun that I think they need my help with, and we’re going to go over to Wanaka parkrun soon!

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