Awards - 30th October 2018

parkdog of the week

parkdog of week

This week we meet Daisy from Anderson parkrun!

Name: Daisy

Age: 4½

Owner’s name: Chris Wells

Number of parkruns: 10


When did you join Chris’s family?

When I was 18 months old. I was the last of a litter. My breeder wanted to train me as a bio-security dog but I was too timid.


Tell me about your family.

Chris’s two daughters (aged 15 and 17) treat me like their younger sister.


Do you have any other friends?

My best friend is Ronnie, a retired greyhound.


How often do you run?

I love going for a run every morning. At the weekends I go twice a day.


I’ve noticed that you run on the path while Chris runs on the grass. Why is that?

I don’t like getting my feet wet. In the summer though, if I get too hot, I jump into the storm water drain to cool off.


What do you like about parkrun?

I like running with all the people.

There is always the possibility of chasing ducks but Chris keeps me well restrained and I’m very obedient.


Do you like dress-up events?

I get dressed up at home sometimes, but not in public.


What do you do to relax?

I like burrowing into beanbags.

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