Awards - 26th February 2019

parkdog of the week

Sam Sam

Woof woof, it is I, Sam Sam the perfect running machine, I am 12 years old.  I’m a placid dog with bug brown eyes and always ask for pats from people. My human that I trained to run, well I found him one day and I liked him so much that I ran out from under the stairs of the farmer’s house, grabbed his jeans and started dragging him.


I have it pretty lucky in this house – I run it, I get to sleep inside on a bed and I also have have an outside bed during the day. My human in training is kinda weird, 5 years ago he started running and took me along. I get to chase a ball every day during the week just to practice sprinting, but right now I can’t run 5 km anymore but my human still brings me to parkrun.

Human – That ‘s right Sam Sam, I still do mainly because on Saturday mornings after I left you out, you’d sit under our window and every time I moved, I’d hear a little whimper or whine till I got up, got dressed and we’d go together to parkrun.


Sam Sam loves parkrun, he has done in total 246 parkruns, he has travelled to participate in the following inaugurals: Puarenga, Cambridge, Taupo, Tauranga and Cambridge and he has also gone to Cornwall parkrun.


Sam Sam’s fastest time and mine was when he pushed me the whole time to 25:45. Sam Sam has pushed me on a daily basis with my running and on days when I have not felt 100% that I want to go, he’s there looking at me saying, “Come on old man you can do it!”. Cause I can do it.

Sam Sam has been my inspiration to keep me going - Jason (Sam Sam’s human)

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