Awards - 12th March 2019

parkdog of the week

Cambridge parkdog of week

Hi my name is Cleo and I am 7 years old. I was adopted by my human family from the SPCA when I was 4 months old, I am a staffy cross breed. I love my human family, especially my Mum. I follow her everywhere.



I love going in the car, putting my head out of the window and feeling the wind blowing in my face.   I also love going for walks and my highlight of the week is parkrun on Saturday mornings.


Our local parkrun is Cambridge and Mum and I are regular tail walkers. I have volunteered for tail walker over 25 times. I love being helpful and carrying things. At the turn around point I often carry the cone back to the finish line for the Marshall.


When I finish the Cambridge parkrun there is always a nice bowl of water for me to drink which the Cambridge organisers have put down for me.


I have done the Hamilton parkrun several times too. I usually stop ¾ way round this course for a drink out of the fountain. Mum tries to hurry me along, maybe I am slowing her time down!


Everyone at the parkrun is very friendly and I get lots of pats and strokes.

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