News - 12th March 2019

The experiences of a parkrunning GP


Dr Jennie Wright began referring some of her patients to parkrun after noticing the benefits herself…


I went to my first parkrun after my little brother told me about it. I had started running at home on a treadmill but was too embarrassed to run outside where people could see me.


I was very nervous about going to parkrun as I imagined everyone else would be so much more athletic than me. When I finally did get brave enough to go along to Torrens parkrun in Adelaide I was relieved to find that it was actually a very friendly large bunch of encouraging, non-judgemental people of all different ability levels. Many people walked, so no matter how slow I was, it did not matter.


Running on the treadmill was boring and uninspiring. Participating in parkrun gave me a reason and kept me coming. I lost 20kg and have kept it off. It’s a fun way to reduce stress levels.


I began referring patients after noticing the benefits I felt myself. Not all of them come, but those who have have loved it.


Dr Jennie Wright

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