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anderson parkdog

Hi my name is Jeepie (short for Jeperto). My name was inspired by the flowing, curly black hair of Marc Bolan of T Rex, and their song Jeepster.

I’m 3 years old and belong to Melissa and Paul Thorburn. I’ve done 10 parkruns!


When did you join the Thorburn family?

When I was 8 weeks old. They call me a ‘designer dog’ because I’m a mix of several breeds.


About your family.

I’m a father of two. My daughter Chloe lives with the Thorburn’s too. She sometimes bites me. My human family includes Hamish and Amber. They like to play with me – I especially enjoy soccer and running. If someone in the family gets sick I stay beside them all day so that they know I’m there when they need me. I love to give cuddles.


What about your friends?

My best friend is my canine brother, 11-year-old Optimus Prime (OP). We walk side-by-side around the streets together. OP wishes he could come to parkrun but he can’t because he has arthritis. I also have a lady friend called Poppy who lives around the corner.


How often do you run?

Two or three times a week for 5-8 kms each time. I’m Mum’s (Melissa’s), personal trainer. I’m the reason she got into running – she had to run to keep up with me.


What do you like about parkrun?

I know the parkrun routine. I wait at the door on Saturday mornings and as soon it opens I run to the car.

I like to run flat out.

I also like to meet other dogs and have a good sniff.


Do you like dress-up events?

I wore an elf suit once but it only lasted 1 lap.


What special interests do you have?

I like to lick feet, especially if they’ve been running.

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