Awards - 26th March 2019

parkdog of the week


Hi, my name is Scout. Greytown-Woodside Trail is my first ever parkrun so I didn’t really know what to expect. I’m 2 next month so I am just entering that difficult “teenage” phase. My humans say I’ve been enduring it for some time. Or perhaps they meant they have?


I’m very proud to be half husky, on my Mother’s side.  The other half is “Ninja” and I’m kind of in awe of my Dad who managed to leap 2 fences to get to my Mum.


My humans are great.  I let them share my big double bed – but they move about too much.  Mel MacGregor lets me run a lot and my favourite is chasing rabbits.  I’m still a bit unsure what to do when I catch one, but that will come.  Mel thinks it’s fun to take me out to Carrington Park at 0530 but once I’m there, its great!


I also love teaching my humans different reasons to give me food.  I’ve trained them loads of different ways.  I’ve taught them if I put my paw in theirs, they have to give me a treat.  Also if I sit up high and regal, I can make them say “beg” and give me a treat!  They are so compliant!


parkrun is a bit of a new thing for me.  I guess I thought there would be more dogs, but it seems to be mostly humans.  Those guys are amazing – they can go the whole way without stopping for a wee.  I loved the water-races that you built ‘specially for dogs to swim in.


Where do I stand on dogs dressing-up?  It’s not something I’ve tried but it sounds exciting.  I might be ready for a green tutu on St Patrick’s Day…

See you there!

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