Awards - 2nd April 2019

parkdog of the week

Herbie at Pegasus

My name is Herbie, I’m a miniature schnauzer and I was 5 years old on March 1st.   There’s nothing I enjoy more than getting outside, smelling lamp posts and looking for cats to chase.  My Instagram account is herbietheminiatureschnauzer and I have over 1700 followers from all over the world!


Mum and Dad are regular parkrunners and they sometimes take me with them.  I get so excited at the start that I make sure everybody knows that I’m there.  I think Mum and Dad get a bit embarrassed as they keep shushing me and then take me away from the crowd.  When there are other dogs there I get even more excited and I just love to say hello.  Some dogs can be a bit shy so I do what I can to get them to play.


I hate getting dressed up almost as much as I hate cats.  Mum and Dad have dressed me up for parkrun several times.  I know that if I don’t go along with it, I’ll be left at home listening to the radio.  They insist on leaving me listening to music from the 70′s, 80′s and 90′s.  I wish they would realise that I’m way too young for that stuff and need to listen to today’s music.

Herbie Pegasus St.Patrick's


I think I’ve now done 15 or so parkruns, and every time I swear that I’m going to behave.  Unfortunately, the occasion just gets the better of me.  Next week, I will definitely be a good boy and not make any noise – promise.


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