Awards - 10th April 2019

parkdog of the week


Hi My name is Kobi and I am 14 years old.  I am a King Charles Cavalier Spaniel and these are my second set of people.


I was adopted by them and they like to take me for regular walks.  I wasn’t sure  I liked this at first but now I love getting out and making them walk faster.  My favourite thing to do is sleep on the sofa and snore.  I am really brave at barking at animals on T.V or people behind the gate. (I ignore animals in real life).  I love getting my dental stick as a treat at the end of the walk and I always wait to be picked up and put in the car at the end of my parkrun, as it is a long way on short legs.  My favourite part of the parkrun is meeting new friends with 2 or 4 legs.   I have been on 7 parkruns. I hate waiting for the parkrun to begin and I often whine to say hurry up I’m ready to go.


I don’t get dressed up often, my humans both do and they wear some funny things to the parkruns. My humans often insist I have baths, now that is not fair in my books so I find the smelliest thing I can roll in after my bath to smell like a dog again.  I really enjoy my time at the Invercargill parkrun and can fully recommend it to make your humans slow down and give you lots of pats and cuddles.


My human mother is Kim Hartley and she says she is older than her teeth, but still with her own hair. She has also done 7 parkruns at Invercargill and enjoys spending time talking and getting fit with my family. Kim loves being able to share parkrun with her husband and her four legged side kick, which is me!


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