Awards - 14th May 2019

parkdog of the week



Fudge loves parkrun, it is surely his favourite day of the week – and he’s taken part in over 100 events …


Whether it’s coming down the hill towards Millwater, or turning into Cornwall Park, Fudge always gets super excited on Saturday mornings.  And now he is looking forward to the Hobsonville Point parkrun starting on May 18!


He knows the routine – first have a warm up jog, then everyone stops talking except one person, so we must be getting close to starting …  when everyone moves to the start line, Fudge then ramps things up by excitedly barking, spinning around and / or sitting and launching repeatedly, to catch the start.

The barking only lasts for the first few metres – unless there is another dog to bark at / with.


Fudge will then run very happily the whole way, pretty much at the same pace, only occasionally stopping to smell the roses … or something like that.  He usually has enough left in the tank for a sprint finish.


After the run, there is always a chance to have a drink of water, occasionally lick some shins (hmmm salt) and have a pat or three with whoever wants to say Hello.

I think the only way parkrun could get any better for Fudge would be if he could do it twice in one day (which he did do at New Years – and ran faster for the second-time round).


Not bad for a little dog with only one eye … and a whole lot of heart!!!!


Note: If anyone would like their special, furry friend featured here, please get in touch – we’d love to hear from you!


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