Awards - 5th June 2019

parkdog of the week


Hi I’m Nala. I’m a four-year-old, ‘Belgium Blue’. My dad is a Belgium Shepherd while my mum is a Blue Heeler.


I moved down to Wanaka last October. I live with Will and his flat mate Blair in Luggate. Since moving down here I’ve found the living in Wanaka has a lot of perks! Most of them being the almost unlimited access to trail runs along the Clutha River filled with ‘wabbits’ to chase!


During the work week, I am lucky enough to hang out at work with my human dad, Will. Mostly sleeping or watching the deer across the road. As soon as Will finishes work, I know where we are going. Wunning! I switch from economy mode to full throttle. I perk my ears up and my breathing hastens. I know I am about to be rewarded for my hard work and patience during the day. Before we even stop, I’m scanning the area. The door opens and I’m off like a black bat out of H***; looking for those pesky ‘wabbits’. Alas, while I put in a valiant effort, they always seem to slip down their rabbit holes.


parkrun mornings are no different. As soon as we enter Wanaka, I start warming up. I know where we are going and am anxious to get there. Arriving at the park I’m excited like its Christmas Day (even though she’s been at least ten times!)


We go and say hi to people. I usually jump up to try and kiss them so they know I’m here. Just before the run Jane and Adam have a briefing. I don’t know why because I can show Will the way. I’ve been here before and just want to run!

I like parkrun. I hope Will keeps bringing me here!

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