Awards - 11th June 2019

Event Profile – Queenstown


Chris Seymour of Queenstown parkrun, Otago, South Island talks about his love of parkrun, Queenstown and running!


After moving to Queenstown from Sydney, I was surprised to not find a parkrun in this beautiful town of adventure.  After learning about the great running community in Queenstown, I wanted to contribute and kick off parkrun for locals and tourists to enjoy.


Our course has something for everyone: Footpaths, Trails, Uphill, Downhill, Forests, Gardens, and some of the most spectacular views of Lake Wakatipu and the surrounding mountains.



What is the most famous landmark on your course and why?  We have a hill in the first kilometre called “Hotops Rise” which definitely wakes up the parkrunners.  



What would you say to a ‘parkrun tourist’ to encourage them to visit your parkrun?  Queenstown parkrun will leave you breathless not only from running, but also from the beautiful views you can experience in Queenstown Gardens and its surroundings.



Tell us about where you go for post-parkrun coffee?  Yonder Café about 100m from the start/finish area! It is a great café serving great coffee and amazing food. They even give a discount to parkrunners!



Is there anything unique or unusual about your event? Our Halloween parkrun event is a great time as the local Haunted House attraction, Fear Factory, takes over as marshals in full zombie and monster costumes!




Do you have an interesting story about one of your regular parkrunners or volunteers?  Gareth Harcombe is one of our youngest volunteers, but also the most dedicated! He is an extremely talented young man who excels in his school work, sports, and even plays in a great rock band! He volunteers almost every week and his dedication is as such that he always apologises and asks for permission if he has to miss parkrun!



What impact has your parkrun had on the local community?  Queenstown parkrun has provided an event for locals and tourists to come together and enjoy the beautiful Queenstown Gardens together.  Many of our parkrunners connect with people they never would have before and new friendships are formed.  Some local businesses have used parkrun as part of “get fit” challenges and programmes.  

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