Awards - 11th June 2019

parkdog of the week – Gisborne


Here is a story from Toby, a small four legged parkrun fan from sunny Gisborne on the East Coast!



Woof Woof! I’m Toby and my walk buddy is Bev. I am 10 human years old. I have led a pampered existence by being an indoor dog who likes nothing better than curling up in bed with my humans, and fur sister Goldie. Although I am small, I can stretch heaps, and have powerful legs so I am able to manipulate my humans into small spaces while I take over most of the bed.


As well as sleep I also enjoy food – lots of it, but my favourite thing to do is ‘Walks’. I so love Walks! My little furry legs have clocked up thousands of kilometres over the years as I go out at least once a day. Walks are good because I get to explore, sniff and pee. I love peeing on lampposts, bollards, rubbish bins and occasionally human legs. I also love meeting other dogs. I get a bit scared of the big ones, but all the ones my size are my best friends.  I love their butt smells; my favourites are white fluffies!


Last year parkrun started in Gisborne. I was there for the first one, and apart from a few I have been going ever since. Bev has done 41 parkruns, and I have been with her for most of them, there were a couple I missed cos’ she said she wanted to improve her PB without dog stops. Sometimes Auntie Frances joins us, and lately Auntie Lynn has been there also.


 I love parkrun, as I have mum to myself, as dad and Goldie prefer to stay home and snore.  Not only do I get to hang out with my mum, and aunties, but I also get to check out my fellow 4 legged parkrunners. The walk itself has hundreds of pee spots, I try and cock my leg on them all, but Bev gets annoyed with me. I also try and do at least 2 poos along the way. Then there’s the other dogs – I love saying hi to them all and bum sniffing. I don’t stop as often as I want to as Bev is always rushing me, and mutters about her PB – what’s that? I never seen her do one pee, my PB averages about 10-20 posts per walk.


I love the start of parkrun – everybody tries to run, and I do too, but I get a little scared of the crowd, so I hang back a little until they have whizzed by. The bigger dogs can be scary as they pant so loudly, I don’t like them following me!


I have also done the Napier parkrun. Anderson Park was great but a bit weird as we went round the park twice then did an extra bit – interesting, but not enough posts to pee on, and I prefer my scenic Gisborne walk.


Do I get a purple dog collar when I reach 50 parkruns?


See you next Saturday – bring your dog too!


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