Awards - 18th June 2019

parkdog of the week – Greytown-Woodside Trail


My name is Scout. It was originally Sochi, when my new owners rescued me from the SPCA, but they, and I, prefer Scout. I am between 5 and 6 years old (I’m not 100% sure). So, perhaps ‘middle-aged’. Not that it matters, age is just a number huh!?


Scout in river


I have the best life a dog could ever dream of. I live in the country with plenty of room to roam and places to explore with my owners. I LOVE running in the mountains. Oh the smells, the terrain, the rivers, it’s magical!


I’d say my strengths are hills and endurance. My owners have taken me on some super-long runs in the hills and they can barely keep up. Not that I mind waiting. I tend to carry my own stuff so I’m OK if there’s a bit of a wait.




I enjoy parkruns, though I am pushing myself to keep up with my owner over the last kilometre. It doesn’t really seem fair, as I’m the one pulling him for the first kilometre!
The best bit about parkrun is the start. I can barely contain myself!


The worst was when my owner volunteered and all I got to do is watch everyone else happily run off at the start. That sucked. I loudly let everyone know how much it sucked.


My owner (Ash) has done just over 30 parkruns, but many of those were before I was even born. I’ve been with him to all 10 of his Greytown Woodside Trail parkruns, and plan on joining him for many, many more. I’m even happier now that my other owner, Lilla is back from her work overseas and can now run with me again.


I haven’t done any parkrun tourism (yet), but I have run with my owner at the “Wellington Urban Ultra” (now, THAT was a long way!), and we did once traverse the entire Tararua Range from Putaru to Kaitoke in a weekend. That included being carried up a very long and scary ladder in the middle of nowhere! I think it is called the “Tararua Peaks ladder” and it is 25m long!


Now and then I get some “downtime” and get to relax at our place ‘Thrive’ in the Waiohine. Here’s me with some mates.




Ash often invites groups of folk to come and stay and we all go marauding off into the hills. It really is a ‘dog’s life’!

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