Awards - 25th June 2019

parkdog of the week – Hagley



Hello, my name is Thomas Knott and I am 18 months old. My family adopted me when I was 8 weeks old from a farm near Blenheim.

I’m definitely a Canterbury lad now and actually two of my brothers live down here too. I have one white leg which humans keep mistaking for a bandage, it’s sort of funny because they feel sorry for me and make a fuss and then see it’s just my leg!


I love my family, they all do different things with me. I do parkrun with my Dad, walks with my Mum, and my favourite time of day is when the younger humans come home from school. I can usually tell when they’re coming up the driveway and it’s pretty exciting. They are always pleased to see me too so we have a big moment with lots of noise and pats and tummy rubs. Mum seems to be in charge of my bone supply so I like to follow her around in case she forgets to give me one.


She also once took me to a place where  the people were actually quite nice but then I had a big sleep and when I woke up I didn’t feel so good DOWN THERE and I had to wear an awful plastic thing on my head and it was so embarrassing. I know the cat laughed at me even though the younger humans assured me she always makes that funny choking noise. (I missed a couple of parkruns over that very dark time in my life.) I really like the cat, but she doesn’t want to play with me, like, ever! Sometimes when I hear her coming (she has this ghastly noisy bell round her neck, really that’s more embarrassing than the plastic collar, at least that was temporary) I run and hide under the table where her food is, and then I spring out and surprise her.

I think this is quite fun but she doesn’t. Sometimes she even smacks me with her paw. It’s very unsporting of her.


I LOVE PARKRUN! I always know when Dad gets his special shoes on it’s time to go. I chill in the car but when we get to Hagley Park I sit up and see who else is coming, because there are heaps of humans on bikes and running to the start, and lots of them have dogs too! When the Run Director starts welcoming the first-timers and the visitors I get super-excited and start making all sorts of noises, I can’t help myself! IT’S PARKRUN!!  Dad makes me wear the Red Rope of Restriction, which I don’t like much, and I don’t really get it because I don’t wear it at the beach or in the park. But anyway, I know if I don’t wear it I can’t run! Pffft. Dad goes on about a “PB” — I wasn’t 100% sure what this is, but it’s clearly very important to him, and if I stop on the run to poop he mutters darkly about his “PB going down the drain” while he’s cleaning up after me. I was thinking about it the other day and I really don’t get why he feels he has to RUN to get PB – I mean Mum gives me Peanut Butter all the time, and I don’t have to run for it, she says it’s because I’m such a good boy! It’s confusing.


I’ve done parkruns with Dad since I was old enough to come out on the Red Rope of Restriction. It’s probably close to 50 runs now. Dad’s done 177 so far, because he started before I was even born, but I know his parkrun experience is greatly enriched by my presence.  Sometimes Dad does what he calls Volunteering and then APPARENTLY I can’t come. This is completely unacceptable and I’m totally outraged. I am against all volunteering. He thinks I don’t know that he’s going to parkrun without me but I’m a very clever boy** and anyway he comes home smelling like Hagley Park and other dogs.


Warming up by the fire après parkrun!


Last Christmas we went up to the Wairarapa (yes I did just type that, see ** above) and my Dad did a parkrun near Masterton. It was pretty cool, it smelled different to the usual parkrun, but like I said, I’m a Canterbury boy and there’s no parkrun like home!


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