Awards - 2nd July 2019

parkdog of the week – Lower Hutt



Hello, my name is Leonard, but you can call me Leo. I’m a one year old Japanese Spitz and my local parkrun is Lower Hutt.


I love people, doing tricks for treats, and running like a racehorse. My two speeds are stationary or gallop, because why go slow? The only problem is, I usually start parkrun at a gallop, and end up stationary by the halfway point. Luckily I’ve figured out a really clever trick to get a mid-run rest. When I get tired, I just lie down! My hooman tries to coax me along, but I just refuse to move until she picks me up and carries me. It’s great! I recharge quickly, and people smile when they see the hooman doing some forced weight training. I usually get a second wind after a short break and run on to the end. Or I’ll lie-down a few feet before the finish line; that always gets some laughs!


I’ve been a parkdog tourist at Porirua, Hagley Park and Foster Park – my favourite was Foster Park. There were great sights and smells there, and an unpredictable route so I didn’t realise how far we had gone. Before I knew it we had run the whole 5km without lying down once! It was a PB for me, and we got a great photo finish!




Usually my ‘hooman’ is faster when she runs without me, because of my lying-down trick, so she doesn’t always bring me along. On those mornings I stay home with my brother Martin the Chihuahua, and we celebrate with her when she gets back. She usually collapses on the couch with us until the results email comes through – it’s a great belly-rub opportunity


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