Awards - 15th July 2019

parkdog of the week – Western Springs


‘Tuwhi’ from  Western Springs


Bonjourno! My name’s Tuwhi and I’m a Lagotto Romagnolo, which is a pretty flash sounding name for an Italian water dog. I’ve been doing parkrun every Saturday for about half my life now, which would be about 18 of my 35 human years. If only I had my own barcode. The best estimate would be somewhere around 120 parkruns. I wonder what that is in human runs?


It is the total high point of my week, right up there with swimming out to sea and freaking out people in boats. And eating.


I’m a bit lucky because there are 4 humans in my family that run with me, so there is always someone to take me. Always. I’ve done all the Auckland parkruns now, but Western Springs is still my most favourite, on account of the fact I can go for a long swim in the lake after we finish.


Screen Shot 2019-07-15 at 2.05.10 PM


I think my personal best time is pretty good, but that’s only when I get to run with the fast human that wins it sometimes. Normally I’m with my much MUCH slower human. Although she does go slow enough for me to sniff the bird poop and meander off course occasionally which is pretty great for a very sniffy dog like me.


Now there are lots of people who know me and do parkrun too, and I’m always beside myself with excitement to see them every week.


We do like to get dressed up for special occasions too. My Wonderdog costume makes me go even faster than usual. And who doesn’t like to run in a nice Tutu?


Saturday morning is the only morning of the week I am awake and ready to go at 7am. The rest of the week you’ll find me upside down on a couch until about 8am. My goal is to do parkruns in other cities as well. I might even wear my Tutu…


Screen Shot 2019-07-15 at 2.04.44 PM

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