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Event Profile – Cornwall Park


Cornwall parkrun is situated near to One Tree Hill in Epsom, Auckland.


This parkrun was the second event to start in New Zealand back in July 2012. Lian and Noel de Charmoy decided that Cornwall Park would be the perfect spot to have a new parkrun so spoke to the Cornwall Park Trust who were very helpful and interested in this very new concept of a ‘free’ run, as no commercial activity is allowed in the park.





The beauty of this park was the main reason to have a parkrun here and its close proximity to the city makes it fairly easy for tourists to get to. There’s always something happening at the park and historically it has great significance for Auckland.




The most famous landmark is One Tree Hill with its famous obelisk, that is visible from all over Auckland and from the start line of parkrun there’s a beautiful view of it.



The course has evolved over the years and due to some safety issues has now become a fairly flat 3-lap course, but with a number of twists and undulations. When everybody is running it looks like poetry in motion as runners cross each other and then turn in different directions, all from the vantage point of the start and finish area.




One of the best things about this parkrun is that the Cornwall Cafe is situated right at the start/finish area, which brings many families and friends together, even those who don’t run will come along with their younger children to play on the grass while dad or mum are running and then stay for breakfast and have a chat. The community surrounding Cornwall parkrun has grown so much over these 7 years and it’s been wonderful to watch little ones grow and friendships being made.




There are so many people who have made a special mark on Cornwall parkrun, but with the risk of missing anyone out we’ll simply say thank you to all those stalwart volunteers, who go above and beyond the call, the characters who make this parkrun such a fun and friendly one, the Run Directors past and present and of course the runners and walkers young or old whether they are upfront or slow and steady!

Caitlin Barton, Event Director - Cornwall parkrun






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