News - 16th August 2019

parkdog of the week – Pippi


This week we meet Pippi, who has just started attending Greytown Woodside Trail parkrun with her humans!


Hi I’m Pippi, a bouncy, high-energy kinda gal, brindle boxer to be precise.


I’ve been with my fambam since I was a wee pup, now I’m all grown up at 7 years old (nearly 8). I live on a big property where I can run freely and hoon about at warp speed, I even take myself for walks by myself sometimes, bouncing in the long grass (like a kangaroo), chasing rabbits (and never catching them) is a fun game I like to entertain myself with. I have been known to roll in unidentified objects at the disgust of my humans who for some unknown reason insist on giving me a bath when I return with what I thought was aromatic and sweet smelling dog perfume. Apparently, another less-than-wonderful quality I have is eating horse poo and coming inside to lick my humans’ faces. I still don’t know why they don’t like that?


We are all super-close though, and I go everywhere with them, the school-runs, to the shops, to the beach, anytime anyone is going out in the car – I’m there!


Now I get to come on the parkruns with them, meet other dogs, sniff some super-interesting smells and run like a loony – which is my favourite thing to do ever.

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