News - 11th September 2019

Going full circle


Cleo McNaught decided to make some positive changes to her life and found the parkrun community in the process.


Now 23kg down, she tells us about her journey to a healthier life alongside her family and the Invercargill parkrun community.


I first heard about parkrun from a mutual friend of Elizabeth Henry who started Invercargill parkrun. She is fabulous!


Going that first time, I was pretty amped to do 5k and also hoping I wasn’t going to be last – whilst fully expecting to be last.


I’ve been doing parkrun for over a year now. I really got serious about wanting to make changes to my life. parkrun has been a wonderful, support community that helps to motivate and you and celebrate positive achievements.


I’m 23kg down thanks to forming good habits and falling in love with being a part of the parkrun community.


I loved it when other parkrunners come back to support me to the finish line. One week some of the Murihiku Influence crew came back to support me to the finish line. I actually cried while I ran because I was so touched.


Also I had a 5 week streak of personal bests, which was pretty special!


You just need to go into it knowing that everyone cheers you on for turning up, regardless of your time. If you have a goal to get faster, pick someone to chase!


I’ve started inviting other people along now. It’s great now to be fast enough to then go back and support them to the end! It’s come full circle️.


parkrun is also something I do with my family – my mum, and my husband and children.




I used to always take one of my kids in the pram until I started really wanting to give the running a good go.


Next stop is a 10km in November!


Nina McNaught


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