News - 10th February 2020

I keep going back


After celebrating her 30th birthday, Tamara McClelland was looking for another challenge having completed a remarkable personal transformation. 


She heard that parkrun was coming to town, and the rest is history!


In 2017, my New Year’s Resolution was to lose 30 kilos before my 30th birthday, which was in August. It was obviously a lot of hard work, but I had a great trainer to help.


August came and at my birthday celebration in a room full of 60 people, I did a reveal by unwrapping a present which had how much weight I had lost (I didn’t know if I had made it or not) and I had lost a total of 33.8kgs in 34 weeks!


Because I felt like a brand new person, I needed to find a new challenge, so I thought about running. I basically hadn’t run since we were made to at school, and never dreamed of ever running again, never mind 5km!


I had heard that Palmerston North parkrun was going to begin in October, so I started to train with a friend. When my first-ever parkrun came around, I just wanted to run it from start to finish.


On Saturday 11 November 2017, which was the third ever Palmerston North parkrun event, I ran it with my friend by my side… and I successfully ran it from start to finish!


More than two years on, I keep going back because of the environment everybody brings. It is fantastic and so supportive!


The high fives from kids as you head towards the turnaround, the smiles from everyone who achieved a faster time than the week before, the chats afterwards, and the catchups with friends who you walk along with.


I’ve volunteered too and really enjoyed - I will be back for more this year. Big thanks to those who got parkrun started at Palmerston North – for being the challenge that I needed when I needed it. And for keeping it going week after week after week!


I now compete in other running and walking events around the region and it’s always great to see a friendly fellow parkrunner cheering you on or going out of their way to say hi to you.


Thank you parkrun!


Tamara McClelland

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