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Meet the parkrunners: The Karaitiana family

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Here is a parkrunner profile with a difference! The Karaitiana family are regulars at Anderson parkrun and consists of Mum and Dad (Marc and Irene) and six children – Ezekiel, Ocean, Texas, Rain, Hunter and Glacier.


The Karaitiana family tell us more about their parkrunning experiences…


Name: Marc Karaitiana

Occupation: Salesperson for a Health Products company

Number of parkruns: 19


Name: Irene Karaitiana

Occupation: Fulltime student (online). Has just graduated with a degree in Creative Writing and is now beginning a Bachelor of Business Management.

Number of parkruns: 13


What do you do when you’re not working or exercising?


Marc: I enjoy family time at the beach, going for a walk or run with the children or just playing. Sometimes we visit family in Hamilton or Auckland.


Irene: I draw or paint. Everywhere I go I carry journals and paints in my bag. I also photograph plants for reference. I don’t bake – my kids do that!


What do you do to relax?


Marc: I share my Xbox with the children.


Irene: I read, mostly young-adult fantasy. That’s what I write as well.


What do you enjoy about parkrun?


Marc: Everyone has their own goal. I like the challenge – it’s something to look forward to each week. I enjoy seeing the best come out in my children. I get motivation and positive energy from others.


Irene: The peaceful park! The positive energy that everyone brings. Everyone smiles. Seeing the regulars as well as the random people who come from all over the place. When we all (our whole family) look at the results together.


Ezekiel: Getting PBs!


Ocean: Crossing the finish line


Hunter: Walking with Mum.


What has parkrun done for you?


Marc: I was used to running on my own and, at first, I found it hard to run among other people. I’m more relaxed now and I feel part of the group. It’s inspiring to be among people.


Irene: parkrun is one of our regular family activities. We support each other even if some of us are not running or walking. It keeps our family happy.


What is your most memorable parkrun experience?


Irene: Every time we do it together and we’ve all got our barcodes.


What would you say to someone (with a family) contemplating parkrun?


Marc: It’s a happy environment with happy company.


Irene: Keep it positive and enjoy it. Let everyone go at their own pace. Most importantly, prepare the night before!


Trish Cummins

Anderson parkrun

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