News - 24th February 2020

There’s no stopping me


There’s been no stopping Sarah Wiwarena since she first got her parkrun barcode. Sarah, who is in her seventies, recently joined the 50 club and is always trying to get others to come and participate in parkrun.


My friend Alan Ryan, and my brother-in-law Robert Corbett, who coincidentally achieved his 50th parkrun the week after me, both convinced me to try parkrun.


Alan explained it quite well to me, that it was a 5km walk, jog or run and that it was for everyone – there are people with pushchairs and others with dogs.


They had been saying for weeks and weeks that I should go along, so I thought I’d have a look and then I conned some other people into coming down!

Four years ago I had triple heart bypass surgery. I’m so grateful that I’ve never lost the motivation to get out and exercise. I tell everyone at Lake City and bootcamp to come to parkrun. Walk the dog, bring the kids, it’s only an hour out of your day if you walk, or shorter if you run. I’d love to see more people there.


Two weeks later I got my friend Linda to come along. We were doing speed work for the Rotorua Marathon at the time and I said that this could help with that.


“It’s only an hour” I say to people. Linda came along and now she loves it too. She’s faster than me and I tell her she can go ahead but she chooses to stay with me. I find it quite social, and all the people are so encouraging.


I have been active for most of my life. This year I will walk my 28th Rotorua Marathon and later in May will set off to walk Camino de Santiago with two friends – one of whom has just started coming along to parkrun.


It’s an 850km pilgrimage from France to the Spanish Atlantic coast and will take us 33 days to complete.


But I always make sure I get my parkrun fix. Come and join us!


Sarah Wiwarena

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